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The loss of old customers of underwear manufacturers is serious. Are you committing these 4 points?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-29
Economists have calculated that it costs 25 times more to develop a new customer than to maintain an old one. This is especially true for women's underwear processing and underwear manufacturers. Although the threshold of the women's underwear processing industry is relatively low, it can be called an underwear processing factory by recruiting a few workers and purchasing some machinery and equipment. However, since the development of the underwear processing industry, the market competition is quite fierce, and it is not easy to retain old customers. In the women's underwear processing industry, customers usually 'abandon' you for these four reasons.

1. Underwear factory has no competitive advantage, it is easy to find more suitable underwear factory.

In recent years, there have been rumors about the closing down of underwear manufacturers. The news is that Shantou underwear factories have closed down. The reason is different, but if you have a deeper understanding, you will find that many such underwear factories have no competition in the market. Advantages, the decision-makers of the underwear factory are only limited to making money in the present, and have no long-term planning. We know that Shantou Underwear Factory is adjacent to Guangzhou. The Canton Fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou. Generally, Shantou Underwear Factory only needs to participate in one or two exhibitions a year and wait for customers to come to sign orders. Usually, it is enough to get one or two large orders from foreign trade customers a year. one Year. Because one year, two years, three years... Every year, one or two large orders are processed, so these Shantou underwear factories usually do not need to develop new samples, develop new products, and a single production is enough. When the external environment changes, the order volume will naturally decline, and it will be difficult for underwear manufacturers to maintain.

Nowadays, with the rise of the Internet, more and more underwear manufacturers have also started e-commerce online marketing, and the information flow has become faster. Many foreign customers are also familiar with the processing market of domestic underwear factories, and they will also pass Compared to finding more affordable underwear manufacturers, naturally the original underwear manufacturers were 'abandoned'.

2. The products of the underwear factory have not improved but declined.

Some underwear manufacturers have not improved the quality of their products for several years. In the past, in the era of poor information, there may still be some orders. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the wide application of new technologies, new materials, new processes, and new machinery and equipment has further impacted some underwear manufacturers. Some of these underwear manufacturers will rely on lower prices to grab orders in order to survive in the cracks. In order to have basic profits, a large number of shoddy products will be used, and inferior products will be used. The quality is getting worse and worse, which also leads to the same women's underwear, the quality is very different, and the price is also very different. This is also an important reason why customers 'abandon' it.

3. Underwear factories can't keep up with customer needs and are 'abandoned'!

Customer is God! The needs of customers should be the concern of underwear manufacturers. Take women's underwear as an example. In the past, because of the limitation of craftsmanship, women's underwear was mostly made of fabrics after cutting and sewing. Now, with the successful development of machinery and equipment and the improvement of technology, seamless underwear is becoming more and more popular. It is directly woven from yarn into finished clothes without side seams. Comfortable. So when customers used to make traditional women's underwear with seams, they now need to make seamless women's underwear. You can't meet the needs of customers, so customers naturally have to find a suitable new underwear manufacturer.

4. The service of underwear manufacturers is too bad to keep customers.

I believe that many customers have encountered such a situation. For some reason, there is a problem with the processed women's underwear products, but there is no way to complain to the factory, and they want to cry without tears. . In today's Internet, the poor service of underwear manufacturers is actually very unfavorable to the brand of the factory, and sometimes it may be fatal to the brand of the underwear factory. Therefore, service, providing professional one-to-one service for customers, putting customers at heart, solving customers' difficulties, understanding customers' anger, and understanding customers' concerns are what every underwear manufacturer should pay attention to.

ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years, adheres to customer-centricity, combines the advantages of underwear factories, and provides customers with family-like convenience. So along the way, many customers have gone through ups and downs with ingorsports for more than 10 years, and will move forward with customers in the future.

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