The kindness of a stranger-mom

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-07
But one month ahead.
I just told my boss I need to move.
My husband has been living abroad for three months and during these three months we realize that we cannot continue to live on different sides of the Earth.
\"You should be with him,\" said my boss kindly, \"and I will tell you to be with him if you are my daughter.
\"He assured me that the weather I was going to have was not as bad as I was worried about.
He wished me all the best, that\'s all.
Have enough time for me to give away or pack everything we have.
There is not enough time for me to be too nostalgic. I get to work.
When I was a child, we often moved.
The House I am moving out of now is the one I have lived in my life longer than any other house.
So I went back to the familiar milk toast. -
Box, tape, marker. . .
Box, tape, marker.
On the hot October night, when I go home from work every day to pack and pack, I will run out of my energy.
No, I can\'t carry everything all the way.
But a lot of things are too precious to throw away.
The totem we live together
So I\'m very organized about what\'s packed and labeled, so if I open these boxes a year later, things still make sense.
At least, I hope they will.
After one painting fell off the wall, the house began to look bare.
This is a heartbreaking job.
Especially when doing it alone.
It lasted until early morning. Every day.
Week after week
I don\'t sleep well between banks, lawyers, notaries and lawyers.
There is not enough time to say all the good-bye I want to say.
At the airport, I hug my family goodbye.
There is a feeling of rushing through it.
Now we haven\'t or can\'t say anything on the phone in a few hours, but they are here.
I feel loved.
My niece held me around my waist.
I broke free from her and hugged others again.
But she\'s not done yet.
She took me for a kiss \". I hug mom. She kisses me.
It\'s time to go.
I came early at the airport.
The flight was late.
Mumbai airport, while great in design, feels clinical and human to me right now.
I will leave behind all the familiar and comfortable things and move towards an uncertain life.
The exquisite lotus-shaped lamp can\'t comfort me.
I don\'t know if I should be excited or anxious.
I am only tired at this point.
I stayed in Paris for a long time.
Airport air-
Even though I was wearing a few layers, the air conditioner was very cold and trembling.
I zip my big sheep sweater.
My head is about to crack.
I took out a vegetable roll from the food I carried with me. It\'s()--
Mom packed my favorite comfort food for the trip.
I tried to call her while I was eating, but the phone was not connected.
I went to the water so that I could have something for my headache.
The water in the fountain is cold.
The bottles in the restaurant are cold.
Am I the only one to feel the cold of this pain? I took the painkillers with the chilled water and sat down waiting for it to start.
I tried to take a nap while taking a look at my belongings, which is an impossible feat.
This is impossible.
I gave up and resigned in order to stay awake.
But my body has been in a state of rest after such a long time, so it still tries to sneak a wink of 40.
When I suddenly jumped out of my casual sleep, my head kept beating.
Fatigue is victory.
If I could get into that plane, I would close my eyes.
When I walked to the airline staff at the gate, I was told the flight was delayed.
I will sit back.
I made some time before I walked up to him and asked again.
Further delay.
When I sat down again, I noticed that a large group of friends were also waiting to take the same flight, even though they were more patient.
They all look like the age of my parents. -easy-
People who go home after a holiday in France.
They are reading, sharing jokes, watching luggage when they take turns using the restroom.
They were all relaxed and happy and watching them excited me.
When I looked at the feeling of three seconds, there was already a long queue on the plane.
I don\'t know how this happened, but this big group that just fascinated me was ahead of me.
Now, it\'s half an hour before I get in.
Suddenly, something strange happened.
An American reached out to me.
I don\'t know, a lady from the middle class.
Older holidaymakers noticed that it was hard for me to open my eyes, keep warm and get on the plane for a sweet sleep.
So the lady in a bright yellow shirt and with a mother-like smile gave me the position in front of the line.
She came first in the group.
She asked me to leave before them.
She made some small talk to make me comfortable, saying how sleepy she was ()felt.
She asked me where I was going and suggested where I was going.
I nodded and held back the tears that threatened to flow.
For the past few months, I have been braving fatigue and separation anxiety like an adult. up.
Now, this kind gesture of being a stranger has made me see the children in my heart who really feel vulnerable and scared.
I just want to hug this stranger.
Mom cried and asked her to pat my back and tell me it\'s okay.
Instead, all I can do is the weak \"thank you \".
\"But she heard my voice shaking as I watched my toes hide my eyes.
She patted me on the back.
I said to me kindly, it\'s okay. y. \'
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