the joys of breastfeeding

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-04
Breastfeeding is perfect for young, busy new moms! ! !
Breast milk is always fresh and warm, nutritious, ready and available at any time!
It takes less effort, less planning, and happens naturally! ! !
Breastfeeding is a great way if you are busy with your schedule at school and at work.
At the end of the day, you will be tired.
It doesn\'t seem romantic to wash and disinfect bottles and mix recipes.
Many schools and businesses now offer on-site day care so that breastfeeding mothers can easily access the needs of newborn babies while meeting the needs of education and the workplace.
Breastfeeding provides a lot of convenience for new mothers.
A number of new products have been developed to help breastfeeding mothers feed their children cautiously in public or at work.
* The popular baby sling snugs your baby close to you and provides careful insurance for your baby as it is cared for inside.
These designs are similar to slings that mothers in other countries have been using for centuries.
They slip over your head and shoulders, and the wide cloth also provides great support for your back.
The sling can also allow your hands to vacate to complete other tasks, while allowing your baby to lie down and sleep in a natural position instead of sitting upright.
* The Breasfeeding apron has a neck ring that slides over your head like an apron from an old-fashioned cooker and unfolds in front of you and your children, effectively prevents the airflow under the breast milk restriction apron in the public view.
* Loose flowing shirts can be lifted easily so your baby can catch and still have enough material to cover around your baby to cover up breastfeeding.
* Nursing bras and shirts are available in a variety of styles that creatively offer the convenience of breastfeeding without lifting your shirt or exposing yourself.
There are many excellent maternity shops on the Internet, suitable for the style of attracting teenagers and older mothers.
Whether it\'s work or entertainment, you can find a lot of styles in maternity clothes and breastfeeding clothing.
These are not clothes your mother is wearing! ! !
Breastfeeding is very beneficial for a young mother and her newborn baby.
When you take care of your child, the love and warmth sweeping you is something that nothing else can replicate, and this is a truly unique and special time between mom and their children!
The baby often smiles at her mother while breastfeeding, and she is surprised to see the little miracles she produces from her own body.
Your children will hold you tight with their little hands to reassure you that they are safe and cultivated.
These are natural feelings that help mitigate those first
Time mom often thought about it in the previous nine months.
Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon that your body can handle very effectively on its own.
You are an incredible milk factory!
Your body does something unique when breastfeeding. . .
Your body has its own milk quality and quantity control department that can be automatically adjusted according to your individual baby\'s needs!
When your newborn baby begins breastfeeding shortly after birth, your body begins to provide colostrum for your breasts.
Colostrum is only a few short days, very important!
First of all, when your baby\'s body adapts to life outside the uterus, the heat is very high, providing a lot of warmth and Growth Energy for your newborn.
Secondly, colostrum is filled with antibodies, which makes your newborn immune to the bacteria and diseases you have been exposed to in the environment.
This ensures that your child stays healthy in the environment at birth.
There are other benefits of colostrum that have just begun to be recognized by science.
For example, if your baby receives colostrum, the likelihood of allergies, asthma, ear infections, exzcema, and other common diseases is reduced.
These are all very good reasons to breastfeed your child at least during your stay at the hospital/delivery center.
Continuing breastfeeding for at least 3 days will bring all these wonderful benefits to your baby!
Some mothers are worried at this early stage because there is almost nothing coming out, so they do not produce enough milk, but in fact, in the first few days, due to the fact that colostrum is being produced, milk is not usually present yet.
Because colostrum has a high fat content and a small amount of calories, it\'s enough for your baby.
Your milk will appear in about 3rd days.
When your baby is crying, you will feel a feeling similar to how warm water falls on your shoulder, which is the milk \"coming in \".
It is a feeling that you will become very familiar over the next year.
This \"Let Go \"(
Because it fills your breasts with your milk)
Reflection sometimes reacts before the baby cries!
This is part of the automated system I mentioned earlier.
Your body has synchronized its time to produce milk with the schedule of demand generated by breastfeeding when babies are hungry.
* Breast-fed babies should not be cared for according to the established schedule, as this will disrupt the existing automated system to ensure that your baby gets the right amount of milk.
* Babies feed more frequently when they need more milk, which in turn causes your body to produce more milk.
When the baby receives the amount of milk it needs, it will reduce the frequency of feeding, thus automatically adjusting the amount of milk your body provides for the baby\'s personal needs on that day, week, or calculate the month according to the baby\'s growth rate.
Your breast milk can fully sustain your baby\'s first year! ! !
Breast-fed babies often go from breasts to cups and plates.
For very young families who are just starting to produce baby formula and baby food, this is very economical and much less nutritious than breast milk.
Breast milk is different from formula milk in several important ways.
First, the smaller protein molecules in breast milk are easier to digest.
Therefore, very few breast-fed babies have any digestive difficulties or allergies to infants fed with infant formula made of milk or soy milk, which contain larger protein molecules, infants
Gas and hernia are often caused (
Pain and excessive crying)
Especially because of this sensitivity.
Second, breast milk is very sweet and contains a lot of lactose, to some extent, breast milk has the sweetness of candy, which is very attractive to your baby\'s taste buds!
On the contrary, infant formula often lacks this sweetness and tastes bland or bitter, which is one of the reasons why it is difficult to convince breastfeeding babies to drink a bottle of formula when their mothers are away.
So, when you have to leave your child, pump some breast milk and store it in the bottle bag in the refrigerator, it\'s a good idea to use it in the bottle.
Third, your breast milk is always the right temperature, so you don\'t risk burning your baby\'s mouth with an overheated bottle, and your baby doesn\'t have to be hungry when you heat the bottle.
Fourth, the most surprising thing is that your body will produce an oil to disinfect your nipples and keep them free of bacteria!
Natural disinfection!
So cool!
No soap is needed for your nipples, which can cause the nipples to dry or break and pain.
Clean warm water and this natural oil is everything you need to keep your nipples clean, moisturized and soft.
Breastfeeding during the trip is very convenient.
It is common to find a quiet bench in a park, mall, work or school, even when walking from one place to another, there is a chance to feed your children.
You will come and enjoy these little breaks with your children.
At night, the \"ease of use\" of breastfeeding really works.
The mothers who feed the bottle get up at two o\'clock A. M. , drag half asleep and half awake to the kitchen to adjust the wine, it is very comfortable to lie in the bed, when the feeding time comes, you only need to lift your child from the cradle next to you, snuggling your body in the general direction of your breasts, your child has little trouble taking care of the rest of the feeding activities.
Usually you and your child will doze off when they participate in the feeding and will not disturb your sleep at all.
Because of your \"let go\" reflection ,(
You will feel the warm flowing water before milk enters your breast)
Often let you know that your baby is about to be hungry, you have the opportunity to provide nutrition before your baby cries, so breastfed babies are happier and more content with life than bottle-fed children.
How to breastfeed put the baby on his or her side a little so they can get to your nipples without turning their heads.
Clip your breasts between your fingers and your thumb and squeeze them gently to make the breasts stronger and easier to get into the baby\'s mouth.
Your baby has an instinctive sense of smell and direction, and its head and mouth are trying to catch your nipples and are already starting to move around.
You want to make sure that the dark areas around your nipples enter the baby\'s mouth, just like the compression of this dark area that releases milk.
If your baby only sucks nipples, your nipples can become very painful because the baby is getting harder and harder to suck in the process of trying to drink milk.
In order to release the milk, the baby must compress the dark area around the nipple into his or her mouth.
Once the baby is locked on a regular basis, you let your baby care as long as you wish.
Don\'t \"time\" your baby \".
When your baby is full, it will fall asleep, and then you can insert your finger into his or her corners of the mouth, release the suction and remove the baby from the breast.
The reason you keep your baby breastfeeding for as long as possible is because your milk has a high water content at the beginning, which is to quickly replenish your baby with the liquid it needs, and then, as the baby continues to feed, the milk begins to become thicker as your body adds more fat to the milk, providing your baby with the heat it needs to warm and grow.
Feed your baby as often as possible to make sure your body produces the amount of milk your baby needs.
When feeding alternately, breastfeeding alternately from one breast to another.
This helps to prevent blockage of the breast tube and a more uniform size of the breast.
Some moms have nailed a baby pin on the shirt they last cared for to help them remember to care for another breast on their next feeding, and then, switch the pin to the other side of the shirt when it\'s done, and so on.
There may be some difficulties in breastfeeding.
The most common is nipple pain.
This is common when new breastfeeding students begin.
Your nipples are often not used to rubbing upright on bras and clothes, as well as suction, friction and friction during care.
You can avoid this discomfort by not wearing a bra longer before the baby is born.
This will help to improve the skin of the nipple.
If you have a partner, husband, or someone like that, he can help you by handling your nipples more often or getting them used to the suction action. (
However, I assure you that when it comes to pure suction, men have nothing for babies!
Your child will surprise you with his or her power latch! )
You can also rub them roughly by yourself to help them become tough.
This brings us another cause of nipple pain and pain.
Many inexperienced first mothers don\'t know how to \"release\" babies from their breasts who are sleeping now.
If you just \"pull\" your child down, you will hurt yourself and make your breasts too painful to feed the next feeding.
The correct way to release the suction force to remove the baby from the breast is to gently insert the finger into the baby\'s mouth, thus releasing the suction force, which the baby can comfortably and easily remove from the breast
Nipples crack occasionally, and if you don\'t tend to it, they start to break and bleed like a severe chapped lip.
This can make breastfeeding very uncomfortable, so you should take care of them right away.
As we discussed before, don\'t wash them with soap!
If they are really cracked, it will be soothing with a little olive oil and will not hurt your child.
Don\'t use vasoline!
This is an oil product that is not healthy.
Another trap of breastfeeding is the \"clogged\" breast tube, which can turn into a cow if it gets out of control.
The inserted breast tube will start to make your breast very tender on one side, because the milk in the breast tube will start to back up and will become hard, sometimes, from the fat area of your breast, send a light red \"line\" to the direction of the nipple \".
When you press this line, it will feel hard and gentle.
At this point, you need all the \"suction\" we mentioned earlier to help correct the situation.
If you get the blocked pipe, you should only care on the blocked breast until the pipe is released and becomes tender. (
During this period, you have to use the breast pump or express the milk from the other side by hand).
The baby\'s suction force can generally unplug the catheter in a day or two.
Some moms find that bras cause these clogged pipes and avoid them by not wearing bras and doubling shirts (
Wear 2 pieces at a time)for modesty.
I hope you find this article both useful and helpful and you will like your experience with the new treasure and breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding is a great choice!
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