the israeli men\'s crossfit team just made a huge statement on gender fluidity in sports

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-23
At the world crossing championships on Friday, three members of the Israeli crossing TLV turned their heads (
May re-energize some of the Idle gym members)
Take off their shirts. competition.
This is not a brazen display of oil.
There\'s a reviewer who calls it \"the craziest thing he\'s ever seen,\" but rather, what\'s revealed below: a multi-color sports bra.
Avi Yona, Ram Dover and Gil Lior, members of the Avi fit TLV team, are in the middle
When they play one by one, they half
Magic Mike put on their updated uniform.
Read more: the men\'s team came up with an exciting way to fight homophobia, \"This is an interesting option for TLV men\'s clothing, after leor and Yona take off their shirts at the same time, the first commentator said immediately.
\"If you want to shake it, go on, it must be what he is doing.
\"Very neutral,\" added another commentator . \"
When Dover crossed the finish line and unveiled the last of the sports bra team, the crowd became crazy.
\"Who cares what they are lifting, they will cheer the crowd according to their costumes,\" said the first commentator . \".
\"I think this is the first time I \'ve seen a male athlete swing sports bra in a competition.
Great to them.
\"Even the Reebok that provides sports bras for the team is surprised by this unprecedented gesture.
\"As part of our support for the cross-fit team, we offer the equipment and clothing that suits the sport,\" Reebok Israel CEO Moshe Sinaisaid is giving pro-
Israel organized a larger bridge.
\"We believe these bras will be used by the women\'s team and are surprised to find out that these men are going to steal the show.
\"So, what statement is this gesture?
Many see this as solidarity with Tel Aviv Pride Week 2016, which began on Sunday.
However, according to the team, this is just a way to inject spirit into the game.
Tal Mager, manager of the team, said in an email: \"We want to have a good time and show everyone that cross-fitness is more than just Qingkou and carrying heavy objects . \".
\"We want to add some color to a very serious event.
Our box is a community and our competitors are an amazing example of how CrossFit brings people together and creates new friends.
\"Perhaps more notable than this gesture itself is the way it is accepted, not just by rabidpandemoniumi in the crowd, but by the people who commented on the contest, they normalised the bill by keeping a focus on the movement.
Smart, considering the team crushed it.
\"I \'ve never seen something like this, and if you lift it up like this to support it, I\'m a happy camper ,\"1 said.
\"If you throw this weight around, you can wear whatever you want,\" the commenter did not. 2 said.
Gestures and attitudes like this have helped to eliminate the aversion to women and homosexuality that has been filled with sports for years.
The only person worth taking her picture is the photographer.
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Next time, buddy. better.
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