The high quality of the seamless underwear factory Van Cher's products is because...

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-19
Customers who have cooperated with ingorsports, a seamless underwear factory in 2017, are full of praise for the products of ingorsports Fan Xueer underwear. This is because ingorsports, in addition to strict requirements for itself, strives to improve the hardware and software facilities of the seamless underwear factory, as well as other A very important reason is the raw materials for the production of underwear.

ingorsports has always been committed to becoming a leader in the seamless underwear industry. It requires environmental protection and absolute safety for women's intimate underwear. It is committed to the line of medium and high-quality underwear. The products have always been processed and produced according to Japanese quality requirements. Exported to Japan, South Korea, Western Europe, France, the United States and other places, both in style and workmanship are stricter than themselves!

In terms of material selection, we choose to cooperate with well-known large companies, such as Israel's Yili Company in China and the listed company Huading Company to supply raw materials.

Because of the guarantee of good raw materials, ingorsports seamless underwear products are absolutely safe and meet people's requirements for environmental quality. Our ingorsports underwear products do not contain azo, premature aldehyde, and the salad degree is above 4. Therefore, ingorsports seamless underwear products are deeply loved by customers and users.

Indeed, a good seamless underwear product cannot be separated from the guarantee of good raw materials. ingorsports seamless underwear factory only makes products that are guaranteed to customers and users, and firmly says 'no' to inferior materials and inferior products!

If you are looking for seamless underwear manufacturers and want to customize seamless underwear or wholesale seamless underwear, ingorsports is worth your knowledge. For a long time, we have cooperated with many well-known customers, such as Walmart, MACYS, COSCO well-known brands. Hotline: 13777902292

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