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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-19
I know, I know, buying a bra is not my priority either.
Because really, who would wake up on a sunny Saturday morning and think, \"Yippee, had the chance to spend an afternoon in a small locker room and show my gray to a complete stranger”Sowe don’t.
We bought the first bra that we thought fit.
Interestingly, women in most countries think they are always 34B)
Then go to the cashier.
Women today may know better, more fashionable, healthier, richer and smarter than ever before, but when it comes to bras, most of us are wearing exactly the wrong size, style and cut.
We don\'t know what size we are, what style suits us best, and how different we are.
The shape of the bra can have a profound impact on the clothing.
The question of how to dress is more tricky than any other clothing puzzle, especially when a fickle fashion show is not always with the love nature has given us.
Women have been encouraged to push them out for decades.
1940 and 1950)
Push them down.
1920 and 1970)
Show them off like the siren in the Dolce & Gabbana ad (the Noughties).
I have only recently discovered that I have been wearing the wrong bra for several years.
But when you\'re always called an apartmentchested one” (
After two kids.
It is hard to imagine that you will become 30 years old.
But I am, because it turns out that my chest is wider than the plump one.
In fact, I am also 32 years old because the size changes a lot depending on the brand you choose. An ill-
A fitted bra can cause health problems, from back pain to neck pain and persistent migraine.
Our lack of bra education begins with youth.
According to Shantel fitness expert Sandra DYK, \"Too many teenagers are wearing a wired bra, which is not desirable when you are still growing up.
Our ignorance continues.
\"Women don\'t know that you should start wearing the new bra that fits the best, and gradually wear a smaller bra every three months.
\"We should have proper brafitting once a year to keep track of our body shape changes and, of course, postpartum and menopause,\" Dyck added . \".
\"It is very important to measure in menopause because most women have oneand-a-
Julia Mercer, an expert in Marks & Spencer underwear, said that there is one purchase bra for every three British women.
Back to the basics though, the size of the Cup is probably the first area we are confused about.
\"Many women just don\'t understand their size: their breasts look small, but in reality the size of the cup has nothing to do with volume, but rather with the width of the breast tissue, Dyk said.
\"Your breasts may be small, but they sit wide and have no obvious natural cleavage.
Most women wear too many straps (
The part around your back)
The cup is too small.
Mercer said: \"The correct strap size is critical because it should provide support for the bra 80, with the exception of ten percent on the strap and ten percent on the Cup.
\"One of the best ways to know if your bra is right is to lift your hand up.
If the central piece or the back strap falls off the body, it doesn\'t work for you.
Mercer believes that our goal should be to have eight bras, \"two of them a day, two very comfortable bras when you hang out at home, a few sports bras, and a few sexy evening dresses. ”Bra Basics1.
How to put on a bra, according to Selfridges\'s Faye Ingham, you should put your arms on the straps, adjust them and have them on your shoulders, before bending forward and letting your breasts fall into the cup.
Pull your chest (and side-/under-boob fat)
Put it in the Cup too.
You will be surprised how good (and fuller)they look. 2. Bra shelf-
Mercer says of course we shouldn\'t stick to our bras like we do now, who thinks we \'ve kept them for four years-more because we like designs than because they\'re still functional.
Our consensus is that we should install it every 9 to 12 months and replace the bra every year.
Take care of them and they will last longer.
This means-big mouth-washing with your hands every few days.
\"If you have to put them in the machine and put them in the inner pocket or pillowcase in a subtle loop,\" Ingham said . \".
\"Do not use bio powder because it is very rough and discolored.
Never roll. ”3.
Sports bra rules no matter what your size, sports bra is essential.
\"You may try to make everything shine, but your breasts will be more comfortable if you don\'t wear the right stand.
Once you have lost your flexibility, there is nothing but breast augmentation work, \"Ingham warned.
Sports bras should never be on your first birthday, and if you do sports three or four times a week, you should have two or more times.
If you have a small chest and a small back, buy the figure that suits you: from top to bottom: Joy by simone Perele, 70;
Gold lace bra, 130 from Gilda & Pearl; Chet push-up, £75.
95, written by Marie Jo L\'Aventure of rigby and PellerIF, if you have small breasts and a large back: from top to bottom: unlined bra, 69, by summer
Merci memory foam, 48, byChantelleIF, if you have big breasts and a small back: from top to bottom: Dahlia balcony, 67
Rossi Terrace, 25, signed by Mark and Spencer;
Flowers at the age of 26.
50 years old, made by Playtex of figleavesi, your breasts are large and your back is large: from top to bottom: Rebecca, 41, Fantasie of selfridges;
Love, £ 69, bySimone Perele;
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