The Evolution of The Modern History of High Heels

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2020-06-27
Sex goddess Marilyn Monroe once said: 'Although I'm not against the know who first invented high heels, but all women should be grateful to him, high heels cause me great help.' The history of feminist thought that an associated with high heels is a creation of the patriarchal society (as the legend may be the first man invented high heels, in order stop his wife from the property run), should be resisted. But I personally think that since the start the 20th century along with the modern history of high heels of women's personality is closely related to the gradual emancipation. 1920s, awareness of modern women's open starting from clothing, women began to abandon the shackles of beam bras, Coco Chanel become a man of fashion, she designed the pants and shirt comfortable and elegant style popular in the West. These comfortable shoes sandals designers began to experiment with innovative design and high heel sandals for high-heeled sandals for social dinner was produced. Fashion historian Giorgio Riello and Peter McNeil in 'Shoes: A History From Sandals to Sneakers', a magazine that many women in politics in the 1920s to wear high heels to show the feminine, they wear high-heeled sneakers buttons prove to the world, politics will not ignore the feminine. 1930, the Italian's first heavy-bottomed heels / platform shoes / waterproof shoes (platform shoes) to task of the more high-heeled shoes, wearing more comfortable. This shoe has swept the world planet 1990s . The last century, within Great Depression of 30 people who are even though it destitution, and therefore must wear shoes. Shoes in the period stronger and simple, but elegant lines remain in existence. Baotou luxury high-heeled shoes in your toes of actress Ginger Rogers shine. 1950 a major turning point the actual world history of high heels, high-heeled Italian fine invention (stiletto) into the future for a long period of time darling of the style industry, but also 'sexy' symbol. 1960 pandemic began high-heeled boots, high-heeled boots are now wardrobe essential for each girl single product it. I wonder if you did not seen a movie called 'KINKY BOOTS', one of the DRAG QUEEN Laura wearing pointed high-heeled pair of red boots, but started from the Shang Shi's British pop, oh. But an extra boots from the start, and go-go dancer (stripper, there's something called go-go boots, and that rough or flat boots with), or SM and other sexual culture directly linked. As the 20th century, the invention of the 60s miniskirt, boots (such as go-go boots) plus one piece combination of high waist skirt, gradually became popular, help make matters up for short skirt legs caused by too much visual space . But that era is the prevalence of feminism, numerous females believe that high-heeled shoes like this fine woman is only a disgrace, a man bound a woman's instrument, should be resisted. So to the late 60s, and in addition the spread of hippie culture, colorful thick crust once again return to basic high-heeled shoes. By the 1970s wave of high-heeled shoes with thick soles with drugs, sexual liberation which means that popular in free airline Asian cultural products. At that time both men and women, a large numbers of young men possibly be wearing a bright psychedelic colors and graphics, costumes, and people often wear much ancient Greece and Rome called kothorni and chopine a high-soled shoes. In the 1980s, although Yindisike popular culture, sports shoes, popular in the world, but because of the growing maturity of the media, through multi-cultural, post-industrial era and effect of feminism, women's high heel sandals models are innovative, beautiful and minimalist commenced see-saw. Shaped by the winning of the vertebral end shoes (cone) swept the fashion. I guess it is as being the invention of the vertebral-shaped bra Madonna needs for support? Ha ha! In the 1990s, supermodel Naomi Campbell in the Vivienne Westwood fashion show on a famous 'wrestling' thick crust with high heels again to 'fall' back to the fashion industry. Really did start to become popular again and platform shoes, thanks to the British girl band Spice Girls, is really a popular platform shoes to make their streets. In the 21st century, perhaps essentially the most happy woman 1? Because whether it is retro, fashion or avant-garde; fine with, platform or even a chair with; leather, rubber or plastic, as long while want to shape the material can be designed into comfy .
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