The era of big data has come. How does the underwear processing industry use big data?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-27
Recently, there has been a lot of speculation on the Internet that Didi has launched takeaways and Meituan has launched taxis. With the continuous attention of people, most of the people who are dissatisfied with Didi Taxi have complained, especially 'killing familiarity'. In fact, behind this is the use of big data. So the advent of big data has begun to affect all aspects of our lives. Where should the underwear processing industry go in the future? How can underwear processing manufacturers take advantage of big data to develop themselves?

We all say data is the language of beauty. There are actually traces of our daily habits. Take underwear manufacturers and underwear processing industries as an example. To produce a batch of customer underwear processing orders, how many raw materials are needed, what to complete, which material supplier to find, etc. In fact, these are all traces to be found, when these traces are recorded After the order is placed and the processing of similar products is carried out, the tracing can be successfully completed and the efficiency can be improved.

In today's development of the Internet, people are used to searching for information on the Internet. When we search for certain information on the Internet, we will leave traces of our web browsing on the Internet, such as what words to search for, how long to stay on a certain page, and what points to focus on, we can analyze what content you feel about. interest.

During this period of time, everyone's complaints about Didi Taxi's 'killing' is actually the application of big data. A set of algorithms behind the big data of the Internet calculates what you are sensitive to and what you are interested in. Then I will calculate for you what kind of car you like to ride, how much it costs, etc.

So for the underwear processing industry, in the past, what underwear manufacturers promoted in the market could only develop samples based on the past experience of the master, or go to the market to find out which underwear products are selling well, and then choose the underwear products. The designer of the manufacturer develops the sample clothes, which is inefficient and passive, which can easily cause the market to blindly follow the trend. Now, with the use of Internet big data, this problem can be avoided to a certain extent.

For example, what kind of products the underwear processing factory plans to introduce in the second half of the year, you can use the Internet information data to roughly analyze what kind of products people may be interested in, and then let the designers of the underwear factory develop corresponding products, which can be used to sample underwear. Or put a small amount of production on the e-commerce platform, and analyze the data feedback from the background, such as which page customers are interested in, how long they stay there, and how many customers have browsed this page. You can analyze which underwear products are likely to be sold, and how many products to expect. This solves the problem of market supply and demand very well, and at the same time can well avoid blind imitation among underwear manufacturers.

In fact, the purchase of underwear processing materials can also be analyzed by big data. Through the big data analysis of a certain underwear product, the possible stocking situation of the underwear factory can be predicted. So so many products need to be prepared, how many materials are needed, and what materials, etc. This can also avoid blindly buying materials and raising prices.

In the Internet era, there are still many applications of big data, which will have a profound impact on underwear processing and underwear manufacturers. Therefore, decision-makers of underwear manufacturers must pay attention and make good use of big data.

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