the delhi girls on the mumbai hoarding you should know about

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-12
Over the weekend, 36-year-old Nikita Seth and 39-year-old Tanya Agarwal started the ShedItRun campaign, which they hoarded across from Juhu Garden in Mumbai.
As the influencer of Nike India\'s \"Let the world listen\" campaign, they led a 3-game with several others from the Nike team-
Kilometres run around the Jio garden.
About 2,200 women participated in the competition, and the top 500 received free sports bras.
They were also invited to other activities, including football and cricket.
\"The purpose is to give up the judgment of running in a sports bra, one of the most comfortable forms of dress in our hot weather.
\"It\'s also about promoting the right sports bra,\" said Agarwal . \".
For Nike, it was the culmination of the Mumbai Marathon in January, when five Nike athletes (
Athletes supported by Nike)
Running in sports braIn the run-
Women can take part in six weeks of physical training before Saturday\'s game.
On the last day, many women choose to run in a sports bra.
Agarwal and Seth conducted a social experiment in last September, where they recruited 13 women to run near Nehru Park in Delhi in a sports bra.
\"It was originally a statement:\" Women all over the world run in the most comfortable gear, but in Delhi we end up covering ourselves up, \"said Agarwal. \".
Running sparked a female spark in other cities, where the 29-year-old Mihira Appnender in Hyderabad started the sport.
While working with the children, she has been talking about safe and unsafe touch, which leads to a conversation about the image of the body.
She has also been actively involved in sports, especially football, but does not often associate with women.
Everything went well when she heard about the Delhi girl.
In last November, she ran with several others in a sports bra during a match.
\"The idea is to keep doing this and normalize it, so the narrative changes from what the female body looks like to what the body can do,\" she said . \".
On this year\'s Pinkathon, when they repeated the run, the other two women took off their T-shirts and joined them, surpassing what --people-will-
It also reveals how one\'s perception of one\'s body changes with support.
This year, Seth and Agarwal plan to go a step further to make ShedItRun more inclusive: \"We want women with sedentary lifestyles to move.
Sports change your point of view
\"It gives you a certain amount of Rush and joy, taking away the blues that most women face when raising their children and families,\" says Agarwal . \".
The idea is for women to identify their \"fuel\", whether it\'s running, cycling, swimming or any sport.
Keep an eye on the activities of June. Email tanya. singhla@gmail. com in Delhi; arihim@gmail.
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