\'the cup sizes only go up to an e!\' nike is accused of hypocrisy by plus-size women after using a curvy model in new ad, while failing to add any larger sizes to its range

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-05
Nike, after releasing an ad featuring a curve model, caused praise and anger from online followers.
Last week, sportswear brands posted this picture on their NikeWomen Instagram handle, with model Paloma Elsesser wearing a white sports bra and black with pink striped sports leggings.
This image is the first of four photos of the brand.
The Part Sports Bra 101 series includes photos of women in the merchandise and tips for finding the perfect Sports Bra.
There was an immediate response to the image, with hundreds of people interjecting, mainly to praise the brand for using curved women to advertise their goods.
\"Congrats\" nikewomen! !
We finally saw both sides of the story!
An Instagram user said.
Not everyone is an athlete! Hats off!
Another added: \"Nike is doing a great job!
Let\'s get rid of physical humiliation and say hello to health, good support is the first step in creating a healthy lifestyle no matter what your body shape is.
However, not everyone is impressed by the new ads.
In fact, a group of users came out to accuse Nike of hypocrisy for the plus-
The size of the woman, but there is no suitable size for them.
\"It\'s all good, but the size of the Cup is only one E cup! Said one user.
If you happen to be a big woman with a small chest (relatively)
But it\'s not good for those of us who are not that big but have a larger proportion of depression.
\"Nike has a higher support sports bra, which is up to 38 E, XL in size with lower support, which means 38 d, 38 DD and 38E. \'Love it!
Another user said, please give me a larger bra size.
\"I work as a bra fitter. most women are DD cups or bigger.
In fact, the average bra size for women is 34DD, which means that many women may not find the fit for Nike.
In response to the rebound, the brand has been doing its best to answer questions and concerns, leading many people to the maximum size they have.
The Brand tells women who claim to be bra fitters, \"like to hear it from experience . \".
\"We currently have Nike Pro competitors and Nike Pro heroes up to 38E. Head to Nike.
Find the right one for you.
The brand did not come up with plans to further scale up in the comments, however, they did answer a question saying that they were constantly innovating and trying to improve our products, make you the best athlete.
Continue to focus on the next thing.
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