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The cold resistance performance of custom fleece jackets-Ingor Sportswear official website

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-08
Compared with traditional wool products, the fleece with good cold resistance and high quality is lighter and warmer. It is not suitable for static electricity, and it is quick-drying. Moreover, it is often made of three-proof pick-up, that is, it has the function of water repellent. , but the price is more expensive. In addition, the thermal insulation effect of fleece is related to the thickness. This knowledge point should be clear and clear, the thicker the warmer. It is mainly windproof and warm. The fleece fabric is basically the polar fleece mentioned before. In addition, because most of them use chemical fibers, they can achieve the effect of quick drying. Therefore, the price and warmth must be taken into account when customizing the assault clothes. Although the custom-made sportswear manufacturer of the sportswear manufacturer is very breathable compared with the raincoat, it relies on filling out the pores of the fabric to prevent wind and water, so the heat generated by the human body in the state of activity cannot be dissipated very well. gore-tex is no exception, their‘Breathable’Quick-drying is actually quick-drying, that is, to get rid of the moisture caused by sweating as much as possible. When there is a lot of sweating, the moisture will not be able to be discharged sensitively. At this time, if you wear cotton wool products and continue to sweat, you will be sweaty for a long time. When the human body is quiet, it will be cold, and it will dry quickly at this time. The advantages of fleece fabrics come out. Therefore, wearing fleece jackets when customizing sports clothing can have a good thermal effect, and you can't and don't need to wear too much. Ingor provides customized clothing design for school groups, government units, enterprises and institutions. We sincerely welcome calls and letters. For enterprises and institutions in need, Ingor can provide clothing samples at any time. Friends who want to know more can provide addresses for free new styles. Picture book sent!
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