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The Chinese New Year is approaching, and there is a labor shortage in the enterprise. Underwear factory ingor knitting uses this trick to solve the labor shortage

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-25
The Chinese New Year is approaching, and the pace of returning home is getting closer and closer. Many companies are beginning to face labor shortages, especially in the very traditional manufacturing industry like underwear processing. At this moment, the ingorsports production workshop of Guangzhou Underwear Factory is in full swing, and the busy underwear processing and production is tense and orderly. So how does ingorsports solve the problem of insufficient personnel in underwear factories?

Guangzhou, famous for small commodities! The production and processing of small commodities requires a lot of manual work. Of course, underwear processing also belongs to the category of small commodities, and naturally there is not much manual work. At the same time, Guangzhou Trade City is famous at home and abroad. Many of them focus on foreign trade production orders. Many manufacturers rely on the stores in the Trade City to receive some foreign trade orders for processing. Because the order volume is not stable enough, the factory does not need to support too many workers. Therefore, this also gave birth to a new type of work in Guangzhou - temporary workers. They are usually a family in Guangzhou, they are relatively free, they are not bound by the factory, and their wages are settled by the day or the hour.

There is also a lot of manual work in underwear processing, such as ingorsports, a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years. The processing of underwear is an assembly line operation, which can be completed according to the process and standards.

Since October last year, with the development of ingorsports' online marketing, customers have found underwear factory ingorsports in multiple ways and through multiple channels, and the order volume has increased sharply. In order to ensure the smooth completion of customers' underwear processing orders, we will also hire some temporary workers outside Workers, do some handmade goods for underwear processing, and settle wages on a daily basis.

In Guangzhou, a special temporary labor market has gradually formed. Basically, every industrial area has special personnel waiting for the factory to hire on a fixed occasion every day. They also usually have formed their own team circles. When Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports rushes customer orders, it will also hire some temporary workers to help the underwear factory according to the actual situation.

There are also many temporary workers who have been working with ingorsports for a long time, so when the underwear factory is busy sometimes, as long as a phone call is made, they will bring personnel to the underwear factory to help according to the actual situation. Since the ingorsports underwear factory hired some temporary workers, the factory's production capacity has also increased significantly! At the same time, many temporary workers saw that ingorsports standardized the management of goods and the excellent and hot environment of the underwear factory. After communicating with the old employees, they learned that the various benefits of the underwear factory are not bad. Many people chose to join ingorsports and become regular employees! Because of this, to a large extent, this also solves the recruitment problem of underwear factories very well! For more details about ingorsports, please call: 13777902292 (Mr. Ding) QQ: 2083574942

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