The Champion Classroom joins hands with Olympic champions to inherit the spirit of sports and pass on the life of champions | Ingor Sportswear Company News

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-20
2018“Champion Class”The trip to Zhaoqing was sponsored by the Guangdong Youth Sports Federation and the Chinese Gymnastics Association, and jointly organized by the Zhaoqing Municipal Sports Bureau and the Dinghu District People's Government. Event time On May 9, many Olympic world champions gathered at Dinghu Guicheng Central Primary School to promote gymnastics and convey sports spirit and culture. On the morning of May 9, the students of Guicheng Central Elementary School waited for the arrival of the Olympic champions at the school gate early in the morning. Although the sky was not beautiful and it was raining lightly outside, they were still standing tall and strong. Guixiao's little etiquette angel brought a bright red scarf to our guests. Does it feel like I'm back to the primary school days, so innocent and so cute! At 9:30 in the morning, a number of Olympic world champions appeared together in our Gui Xiao, except for those we are familiar with“warm dad”Yang Wei, as well as Zou Kai, Huang Xu, Feng Zhe, Liang Fuliang and other gymnastics Olympic and world champions attended the event to promote the popularization of gymnastics, in-depth exchanges and interactions with the students, and sow the gymnastics experience.“seed”. Olympic champion coach Hu Enyong led a number of gymnastics Olympic and world champions into Guicheng Central Primary School. Before the event, the Olympic champions took turns signing autographs in front of the flag of the Youth Sports Federation. Coach Hu Enyong also brought the treasured Olympic medals, dresses, etc. to the classroom, allowing students to experience sports spirit and culture up close. The atmosphere of the event was high and enthusiastic. Coach Hu Enyong interacted with the students, cheered and applauded together. In the interactive part of the classroom, the Olympic champions kindly communicated and shared with the students, and taught the students to determine their ideals from an early age, and physical exercise should start from an early age. The students also actively asked questions to our Olympic champion, and the scene was very lively. Many students expressed that they love sports very much, they will study gymnastics hard, and contribute their own strength to the sports cause of the motherland.“Champion Class”The main purpose of Zhaoqing Xing is to promote and popularize gymnastics, give full play to the educational function of sports, so that students can be immersed and nurtured by sports and gymnastics culture, so that they can grow up healthily and happily, and let gymnastics return to education. The little classmates who came to the stage to participate in the interaction received the commemorative bracelet that the Olympic champion personally brought. Isn't it beautiful? Do you want it too! At the end of the event, our Olympic champion and the students pressed the handprints agreed upon by each other, wishing that the sports career will get better and better and will always be full of vigor. this time“Champion Class”The Zhaoqing trip has ended successfully here. In this event, Coach Hu was wearing the uniform of our Youth Sports Federation, which was also provided by Ingor Sportswear. Ingor Sportswear has been supporting the development of sports in our country for more than 20 years, participating in sports activities and continuously improving the quality of the brand. In the future, we will always be on the road, on the road of struggle, on the road of hard work, we have the same goal and full of confidence, we will promote the development of sports in our country, and compose a brilliant movement of sports!
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