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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-24
(MONEY Magazine)
-The best invention we know to change our lives.
Enjoy your home? Sure you do.
But, turn on the lights, heat up your dinner and tell you the neighbors were here when you were out, how about that? It\'s a gee-
Closer to the reality of the Wizards scene, because a new IBM germanium chip component reaches a dazzling speed of 210 gigs. The component (
Transistors thinner than human hair)
Essentially reducing electrical friction can help chips run 100 times faster than chips in today\'s desktops.
\"What IBM is doing is inventing a better engine,\" said Frank Gillett of Forrester Research . \".
\"What kind of car will it drive?
It\'s not clear yet.
But don\'t forget that the first transistor was invented to make smaller vacuum tubes for radio.
Who would have thought that they would be used to make computers placed under their arms?
IBM looks forward to Communications
Equipment manufacturers such as Alcatel and Cisco will use the component in the next two years;
The company predicts that a few years later, these energy sources
Efficient transistors will power smaller and faster PCs and mobile phones. After that?
Well, those science fiction novels. fi-
It\'s like \"smart\" families are faster than you think. --L. H. G. Best new drug.
If medicine can be compared to weapons, most cancer treatments will be cut off --
Novartis\'s shot gun, blasting health and mutant cells, and Gleevec will be the first laser to target abnormal enzymes that cause various cancers.
The Food and Drug Administration approved the treatment of a leukemia within the recording time, and gleevec was the first of a new strategic treatment that Novartis and other pharmaceutical companies wanted to develop to fight a variety of cancers.
Sandi Merriman, a 55-year-old cancer patient, said: \"This has brought me back to life . \" He used Gleevec in a clinical trial to treat a rare tumor.
Four shots-
Take pills once a day (
The cost of a month\'s supply is about $2,200)
, The side effects of Gleevec are limited.
Although the blood recovered
The cell count is at normal levels in almost all leukemia patients tested, which experts say is a treatment.
They are still waiting to see if it is just delaying the start of the later period.
Merriman\'s not waiting.
She\'s gone back to work. -
Going on holiday to Spain soon. --L. H. G.
The best new baby products.
Inventor Greg kotdin with the baby B \'air--
One pint safety vest
Number of air passengers--
After a minor injury to his niece on the plane: the girl sitting on her mother\'s lap, when the plane encounters turbulence, is first thrown into the overhead bin.
Nieberding has designed a vest with a back tether that holds the children below two to the seat belt that the parents have fastened.
\"It\'s a great choice for parents who can\'t afford to buy extra seats for their children,\" said Alan field.
Author of The Guide to baby bargains.
The vest costs $29.
In Baby R. Us.
Or call Baby B \'air at 800417-5228. --J. B.
The best new way to watch TV. The digital-
The record service TiVo can capture each soap, Seinfeld rerun, and croc-
Hunter shows you the wish when pressing a smart little programming button.
The TiVo recorder, manufactured jointly by Hughes, Philips and Sony, works with antennas, cables or satellite signals and offers a menu that shows the value of the two-week program.
Press the button to let TiVo know which shows to record-and that\'s it.
TiVo downloads your schedule once a day over the phone line, and the recorder digitally stores fares between 20 and 60 hours.
With the addition of two new features in last January, the service is smarter than ever before.
Enter your favorite show in the season ticket option and TiVo will grab every episode (
Even if the time period or day changes suddenly)
And automatically skip the repeat recording.
Or punch in your favorite actor, sports team or news theme: TiVo finds a matching show for you-
And suggest additional programs according to your taste.
It takes $10 per month to access the TiVo schedule and $249 per \"lifetime\" fee.
Depending on the storage capacity, the recorder costs $200 to $600. Visit www. tivo. com. --K. Z. J.
Best New DVD features.
The day will come, not the boring ending of watching a movie (
Or worse, its self.
Clip of indulgence director)
You can re-
Make their own work scene.
This is a way.
At the same time, there is also a five-star collection ($29. 98).
So, well, we know that when it comes to content, the upcoming Godfather series beats all of them.
But with the help of on-hard to die is the first DVD
The screen menu allows you to rework three sequences using previously unpublished materials.
Play back your new lens and learn how your choices affect the tone of the finished product.
Editor Bruce Willis is very interesting in Yippeki-yay kinda way--
Of course, Coppola gave us all a good practice of Part 3 of The Godfather. --N. P.
Best new fabric
Since the elders of Pliny, Silver\'s healing power has been noticed.
Now manufacturers are rolling out fabrics that use the antibacterial properties of silver for very practical purposes: suppressing B. o.
The most promising version comes from DuPont, which works with a company called noble fiber to weave fabrics with tiny silver lines that kill bacteria and reduce odor.
Called CoolMax/X-
Static, it continues to blast the bacteria even after 380 test flushing.
The champion recently launched a silver sports bra, leggings, and more using CoolMax/X-
Retail prices range from $27 to $36 and Salomon sells premium thermal underwear, winter jackets and other cold underwear
Weather gear for $10 to $550. --L. H. G.
The best new products for home use.
The planets turn around the sun.
Electrons are amplified around the core of the atom.
Paper towels rotate on cardboard tubes-
Until the people of P & G decided that after 36 years in a row (
Probably anchored next to the kitchen sink)
It\'s time to put the bounty in the box.
The time when consumers take a paper towel at a time. With one hand.
There is not much spin and spin on the sheets.
No need to go back to the kitchen to find more.
Who can imagine so much freedom in the box?
\"Our vision is to bring the bounty to where you are,\" a P & G spokesman said . \" Only a spokesman can say so.
40 boxes at a retail price of $1. 19 ($3.
79 A pack of three).
Yes, it\'s more expensive than it was.
Consider the cost of progress. --L. H. G.
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