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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-12
Fitness expert Damien Kelly and B. S. fit kit columnist Christine Schiedel bring you the best tools and accessories for a positive lifestyle.
Featured by Damien: $330 war machine, similar to TRX\'s hanging trainer, it may not be a new concept, but it has a cool twist.
Instead of being locked in position, it has a free
Moving the pulley at the top makes it difficult for you to control and brings more challenging exercise to your body. + Thera-Roll, $29.
95, foam rollers have been around for a while, but this version with ribs is better.
It will bring tears to your eyes, but it will also give a lot of relief to nervous or twisted muscles.
Can be used in any part of the body. + AbMat, $59.
1800 614 491 when I see this product
The mat for your belly-I thought it was too simple earlier this year, without any benefit.
But this is an idea I wish I could think.
It will increase the range and function of your sitting
Sit-ups and crunch your stomach.
Garage gym squash for $119.
My clients love the gym tools they hate.
When you hold it on your chest, you squat, and when you come out of the squatting place, throw it high on the wall.
Grab it and go straight back to the squat. It’s a killer.
Power cord, $200,1300 854mm 050, like most people, I first saw the movement of the M nylon rope this month --
Drink a commercial drink earlier this year.
The idea is to keep them exercising, and the exercise they give you the upper body has to be experienced in order to be believed.
Christine\'s selection: Reebok RealFlex shoes, $150, $1300 364 964 these shoes are not only very comfortable, but also fit in your bag --
You can almost bend them in half and they are very flexible.
Flexibility also allows natural movement during training.
IMuscle app, $5.
49, the B. s team used this smart app to swing around the office iPad for a long time.
Swipe and click to select muscle from 3-
D. rotate the human body and then select from the relevant exercises and stretch to build and save the exercise.
The app includes more than 450 animated presentations.
Belle ProElite supports sports bra for $79.
95,1800 645 045 see a good-
Sports bra for Fuller
Women caught (up to 16g ). The just-
The release of ProElite is designed for high-impact sports.
There is a built-in crop top
Underwear sports bra and seams-
Free cups, flat seams and padding can reduce irritation while exercising.
Canterbury Mercury compression leggings $65,1300 551 133 new style Mercury nan nv for of range not only after strict of test but sell of than most competition opponent less the many.
Stylish leggings offer graded compression and moisture management.
Adidas miCoach, $100,1800 801 891, miCoach provides cutting for daily runners
Edge training techniques.
The speed unit inserted into the sole of the Adidas F50 or Supernova runner or clipped on other shoes collected 360-
Mobile data to let users know how they operate, including metrics such as distance, speed and stride.
You can sync miCoach to your smartphone or computer and see your running statistics right away.
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