the best autumn workout clothes for women

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-29
You don\'t need to think too much during summer exercise.
A pair of shorts and a vest at the bottom of the drawer is enough for you to run through the park.
On the other hand, autumn brings the reality of the cold, allowing us to reach a warmer layer.
To make sure you like those crisp fall, make sure you are equipped correctly.
This is a review of the best new kits we have to buy.
The sport BraPart of Under Armour crossdebos is different from any sport that celebrates the sports achievements of six outstanding women, and this sport bra is definitely a pleasure to wear.
Easy to wear and take off (
This can be said to be the most important factor in sports bra)
Crossing the back helps support without feeling too nervous.
30, under armor, buy it now.
In fact, the supported front sports bra is the holy grail of women\'s sports clothing.
This Sweaty betty-backed betty optimistic bra can keep you safe during spin or boxing classes, which means you can focus on what you do, not what\'s going on under your neck.
Unlike other bras, this one is also beautiful and practical.
£ 50, sweaty back Betty, buy it now: when the air is filled with chill, but not cold enough to wear a jacket, quickly carry the long-sleeved fast top-ranking attention of the technology long-distance sledge lululemon.
The lightweight fabric is well ventilated, and the Silversent technology helps protect against sweat.
If you go straight to brunch, this will be your trusted partner.
62, lulululemon, nowH & M Seamless Sports TopH & M is a great choice for people with tight budgets, offering high quality kits at affordable prices.
This long-sleeved T-shirt fits breathable and comes in three beautiful colors. £17.
99, H & M, buy it now, lulululemon Hoodie IVSuper soft cotton and a funnel neck cover to make it the most comfortable piece on the list, it\'s also on the way to fitness.
Those with poor circulation will welcome long sleeves with thumb holes and long wire cuts.
£ 98, Lululemon, buy it now. Nike could not run the jacket lightly. This jacket does exactly what it says on tin-adds extra light protection,
It is made of a high quality waterproof nylon tear-proof fabric that will be packed very small and is the perfect kit for hiking or running. £69.
Nike, buy it now.
RiseForgo the shorts you \'ve been wearing all summer are a full length tights.
This is a multi-function wardrobe that is perfect for fitness, running or yoga.
Inspired by the streets of New York, the print is bright and unique;
Perfect for being discovered on an increasingly dark night.
Lululemon, 82, now buy Adidas from Stella McCartney and try these new seamless tights in order to get a super smooth surface that won\'t scratch your skin.
If you don\'t like that pair
You hardly notice the feeling of this simple elastic band.
With built-in pronunciation on your knees for extra support, with such a wonderful fall color scheme, you\'ll be sure to be asked over and over again about these tights. £79.
95, Adidas, buy it nowUnder armor Threadborne push training ShoesTake your brand new Threadborne training shoes for the next floor of the Under Armour HIIT class.
Spacious and breathable, they will provide support but will not limit your feet.
The midsole has extra buff to keep you comfortable in high impact motion.
£ 90, Under Armour, buy it now. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 you can\'t beat a pair of nike running, and it\'s not much more fashionable than these black and gold beauties.
Zoom Air buff responds quickly, so it adapts no matter what speed and rhythm you run.
This means that you can rely on these to deliver goods for long runs and sprint training. £99.
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