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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-08-28
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Expert: Joe Mackie is the deputy editor-in-chief of best-
Selling sports magazine the world of running (runnersworld. co. uk)
Cathy Brown is a personal trainer in space three and a columnist for women\'s health (Women\'s wear. co. uk)
Ryan McKinlay is the manager of the Holborn runner demand flagship store in London (runnersneed. com)
David Cooper is the operation manager of the gym and fitness chain (gymbox. com)
John Byers is a representative of Welsh officials: Register of sports professionals (
Exerciseregister. org)
Brian Cole is a GB Super marathon runner and a nutrition brand Maxifuel (maxifuel. com)
Men\'s shoes: salomon, Solomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2.
\"These things strike a perfect balance: very light, but very stable,\" said Brian . \".
\"When you are on uneven ground, you can rely on these to stay stable.
Adidas Adistar Ride 4 adidas.
\"These are like Tardis for trainers,\" said Brian . \".
\"They pack a lot of buffering and technology into a cute light shoe.
They are ideal shoes for fastA rhythmic road run”K-
Swiss men\'s blade-
Maximum Stablekswiss. co.
Britain, \"as a high
\"Mileage stability shoes will be hit a bit,\" said Cathy . \".
\"When you\'re running, the light foam blades collapse and compress and cushion your feet when they hit.
Com, £ 90 \"if you want to dip your toes (or 10)
Enter the lighter, peel-
\"In the world of minimalist running without leaving a cushion of comfort, these are for you,\" Joe said . \".
Saucony Kinvara 3 saucony. co.
\"Kinvara 3 managed to provide the best things in the world in some way,\" Joe said . \".
\"It\'s responsive, but there\'s also quite a bit of support and a lot of flex.
\"Women\'s shoes: Nike Structure Triax 16 nikestore.
\"These will help correct any overpronouncing in your gait,\" Ryan explains . \".
\"They use a clever system based on two densities of foam to provide dynamic support for your feet. ”Asics GEL-KAYANO 18 wasics. co.
\"It\'s ideal for those long and painful trainings,\" John said . \".
\"The mixing of the buffer and support is equivalent to the maximum comfort on the maximum distance.
\"Brooks Ghost 5 runnersneed. com, £99.
\"If your priority is a comfortable journey, then these shoes will be available,\" said Joe . \".
\"You don\'t have \'ground feeling\', but floating by running is a small price.
Reebok\'s RealFlex is active.
Com, £ 65, built with \"more\"
Designed to help bend the nodes in the direction your feet naturally move.
\"These have added to you in the spring,\" Cathy said . \".
S-Solomon XT wing-
Lab 5 salomonrunning. com, £116.
\"There are soft or hard ground versions that can handle any situation that Mother Nature cares about,\" Joe said . \".
Shorts: Classic loose shorts. com, £31.
\"Gore offers high quality products in terms of fabric, structure and fit,\" Joe said . \".
\"These loose men\'s shorts are provided with chaffe-
Free comfort with lots of support.
\"Tightshellyhansen Helly Hansen men\'s pace.
Com, £ 50, from the reflector to the lower panel, there are a few small touches to improve your comfort and performance
Calf zipper in Swift on
\"It\'s forbidden for your coach to enter,\" David said . \".
Arc\' Teryx Solita women\'s wear salon sarcteryx.
Com, £ 50 \"Flattering ladies cut, comfortable and top-notch --
\"The final performance combines these fitted shorts with the overall underpants,\" Joe said . \".
\"Suitable for running or running on a treadmill.
Adidas women\'s wear series brushed tighsadidas.
\"It\'s a very nice, tight fit, but it\'s also very breathable,\" Brown said . \".
\"In other words, they will keep you warm, but they will also let the sweat flow out.
\"2 of ashmay 1.
Com,: \"shorts are of course worth splurging, but it pays off in terms of quality, tailoring and running --
Details, \"Joe explained.
\"The hard miles on the road are much more comfortable.
\"Top: Adidas Supernova short sleeve Teeadidas.
\"I like this top,\" said Brian . \".
\"It is made of ClimaCool fabric, so when it drains the sweat, it sucks in the cool air.
It\'s been a long time.
There are also long sleeve versions.
Asics winter top Asics Lady zipper L/S. co.
\"If you want to run on a cold day, having this top will make you determined,\" Cathy said . \".
\"It keeps you comfortable and comfortable.
\"Topreebok Reebok Crossfit performance.
Chaffing, 40, is a nemesis for female runners, but this champion is your first line of defense.
\"The building is very clever,\" Cathy said . \".
The Odlo race shirtodlo seamlessly.
\"Com, 100\" minimum seams, \"zip\" under the chin and \"free movement\" zones make it one of the most comfortable tops you\'ll ever pass through, \"Joe said. \". Nike Dri-
The fitted fleece crew race shirtnike seamlessly.
\"This top is designed to keep the runners warm from the inside out, and it provides the feel of the Murray wool with Nike\'s sweat-removing fabric technology,\" says Joe . \".
Cold Gear long sleeve compression model for bullet proof clothing.
Com, armor compression kit under £ 40 with lock
Keep you in the right position, \"said John.
Wu peici long sleeve of Helly Hansen half Zip Tophellyhansen.
Com, £ 55, this top takes away excess heat from your skin while running, while half
The zipper on the chest gives you extra control over the ventilation.
Rohan Super Silverteerohan. co.
28 Rohan claims this is the \"lightest Technology T-
Shirts in the world \".
It is very soft and incredibly comfortable to wear.
It\'s also smart.
Microbial Technology.
SPIRO S176 training shirt. com, £14.
\"It\'s light, breathable and looks good,\" said David . \".
\"But the biggest selling point here is that it\'s also very valuable.
Bazarai bamobusse. co.
UK, 30 for runners who want to really get back to nature
It is worth a look at the friendly bamboo clothing.
Baselayer also has moisture, sweat and defense. bacterial.
Jacket: Nike Element Shield Max jacket Nike.
\"It\'s comfortable to run and stylish,\" Ryan said . \".
\"It is waterproof and wind-proof, but most importantly, it has a hand warmer built into its cuffs. Genius.
Jacketrohan, the Rohan Elite. co.
The jacket is made of three layers of technical fabric, weighing only 225 grams and 330 pounds in the UK.
It also folds into a small pocket.
It\'s no wonder that Trail magazine awards it.
Adidas women\'s Sequencials Adiviz vestadidas.
\"This will make sure you can always see you when you get home from work,\" Cathy said . \".
\"There are also wind-proof and waterproof shower facilities here, so it will keep you warm.
Haglofs Men\'s outdoor jacket.
\"With this, there is no need to compromise on wearing a waterproof run,\" Cathy said . \".
\"Elastic woven chest pocket is also very convenient.
Nylon and wool Hood jackets for Franklin and Ms. Marshall.
Com, said Cathy, £ 127 \"is perfect to warm up before the game: it\'s waterproof and has a wool lining to keep your body temperature . \".
Gadgets: Sony NWZ-
Sony B173 4 GB Walkman MP3 player. co.
\"UK, £ 35, light weight, you won\'t notice it there at all,\" Cathy said . \".
\"You can also get an impressive 90-minute playback from a three-minute charge.
\"Scosh Rhythmapple. com/uk, £99.
\"A great way to track your training run,\" Cathy said . \".
\"You pair it with your iPhone or iPad, which measures the calories, speed, route, and distance you burn.
\"Ms. Garmin pioneer 110 GPS watch shop.
\"You can actually wear a GPS watch-not a clunky computer,\" said Brian . \".
\"It\'s also a heart rate monitor.
Nike FuelBandnike.
\"It\'s a great incentive tool for you to run on your own,\" Ryan said . \" FuelBand will track and measure your activity time, steps and calories consumed.
Suunto Ambit hr gps watch outdoor.
\"It\'s almost a Ferrari for GPS watches,\" David said . \".
\"The 3D electronic compass will also help you get a lot of cool scores.
\"Accessories: 2XU X-
The form actively runs the compressed sockswoldoutdoor.
\"Yes, you look a bit like a fruit cake in these, but they will do wonders for your legs, after
\"The game,\" said Brian.
\"I put them on after a long run.
\"Thorlo Experia socksrunnersneed. com, £12.
\"Both the heel and the front foot have padding, but the rest are light and thin,\" Joe said . \".
\"So they can protect you from blisters and also prevent your feet from getting hot and sweating.
\"Freya Active Performance Top, built in-
In sports
Com, 56 Freya Active holds the balance between comfort and performance with this Coolmax top and built-in featuresin sports bra.
Extremeties wind Lite glovescotswoldoutdoor.
Com, £ 22 \"you want a pair of wind-proof, lightweight, breathable gloves when buying running gloves.
All three boxes have been ticked, \"said Brian.
SealSkinz high visible super grip glovessealskinz. com, £32.
\"Waterproof, wind-proof, close-fitting and breathable, these are top-of-the-line products, but the huge grip makes these products an essential product,\" says Joe . \".
President of sport Bose SIE2ico. uk, £129.
The first of 95 bose
This headset is designed for running.
\"Not only do they never fall down on the treadmill, but they also sweat,\" Cathy said . \".
The Oakley dallock path of sunglasses. oakley.
\"These are all worn by some athletes during the Olympic Games,\" Joe said.
\"The replaceable lens is easy to switch between, allowing you to adapt to different lights.
\"Solomon XA moon rice rucksacksalomon.
\"It\'s a comfortable place and everything is in the right place,\" said Brian . \".
\"The extra shoulder bag means you can use the sports gel without interruption during the race.
\"Hydrafuel waist packplay hills. com, £16.
99 is perfect for storing energy tablets and gels for longer runs, and this pack also has a headphone socket if you like running but like to keep your arms unblocked.
Milk Cow moisturizing cream antelope Creamamazon. co. uk, £7.
\"The last thing you want to see in the long run is chaffing, this cream with shea butter is very popular as an antidote to this situation,\" John said . \".
Sidas Flashfit runs insolesprofeet custom. co.
UK, 69 profeet\'s \"fast custom run service\" provides gait analysis before customizing the Flashfit insole to your ideal running shoe.
Ron Hillcom, £19.
\"A great sweat-removing hat with a magic button,\" Ryan said . \".
\"Press it and you will activate three LED lights.
You can see not only where you are going, but also other road users.
Packjansport catalyst JanSport. com, £84.
The bag weighs 1 pound and 8 ounces, and is completely minimalist and sporty.
Adding a chest strap means it can be firmly secured to your back.
Nike Wool Skullyrunnersneed. com, £12.
\"This Nike Wool Skully takes the sweat away from your skin, while the flat seam structure adds comfort and reflective details to make you invisible,\" John said . \".
Yoshie and Nico holder yoshieandnico SHOCKSOCK reflective iPhone sports arm strap. com, £9.
\"This cuff is very valuable with a screen protector and a control channel,\" John said . \".
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