The 121st Canton Fair, seamless underwear factory ingor knitting welcomes a bumper harvest

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-17
The 4th day of the 121st Canton Fair Underwear Exhibition, seamless underwear factory ingorsports has reported many good news at this exhibition and gained a lot! Initially reached 3 intended customers, and decided to visit our seamless underwear factory after the Canton Fair for further negotiation!

On May 1st, when everyone was still immersed in the rest of the festival, seamless underwear factory ingorsports participated in the Canton Fair as scheduled. This is also the Nth time that the seamless underwear factory has participated in the exhibition. Although the effect of the exhibition is not as good as before, our ingorsports still attracts many foreign customers with its excellent strength, high-quality seamless underwear products and professional service attitude. Come to negotiate.

No, the exhibition entered the third day, and it was also the peak period for the number of exhibitors. The number of people who came to our seamless underwear factory booth also increased. They picked up our seamless underwear styles and asked some details. Our seamless underwear factory service staff give customers a perfect answer sheet with a professional attitude! Many customers said that they have been looking for underwear manufacturers in Guangdong, such as Shantou, Shenzhen and other places to make seamless underwear. These places mainly make traditional women's underwear, such as seamless underwear. Traditional seamed underwear is more professional. The improvement of the quality of life and the hobby of sports are a popular trend. It is necessary to wear comfortable and body-shaping seamless underwear, but it is difficult to find a suitable seamless underwear factory for processing. They have also heard about the comparison of seamless underwear manufacturers in Guangzhou. There are many, there are relatively certain advantages, but in people's impression, Guangzhou is synonymous with low-end products, low-cost and low-quality, so I have never been to Guangzhou to inspect seamless underwear manufacturers. Today, I finally have the opportunity to find them at the exhibition. We are seamless underwear manufacturers like our ingorsports stitch...

Yes, China's seamless underwear production base is indeed in Guangzhou. Although the earliest underwear production base in the country is not in Guangzhou, Guangzhou underwear production and processing industry is a rising star. The decision makers of some underwear manufacturers are very forward-looking. They do not compete with other regions for traditional underwear production and processing, but aim at the seamless underwear market. , Mr. Wang of our ingorsports seamless underwear factory is very wise. For 17 years, he has been deeply engaged in the research and development of seamless underwear, production and processing, and has exported our 'Vancher' seamless underwear to Western Europe, the United States, France and other places, and strives to improve his products. Quality requirements, our seamless underwear products are also sought after in Japan, Korea and other places.

Nowadays, the competition in the seamless underwear processing industry is quite fierce, and some seamless underwear manufacturers have also begun to fight price wars, but our ingorsports seamless underwear factory insists on winning customers and the market with product quality and service. ! Wherever the customers are, we will be there, just like today's Canton Fair, we have good products and good services, and we only need to show them to customers through a window!

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