‘that weird time i was serena williams’ bra tester’

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-08
January 15, 2019.
Serena Williams said it was a special occasion to return to the Australian Open after her first win. (
AAP Video/Alex Murray)
Jessica Leahy knows a good bra.
Picture: InstagramSource: InstagramYou guys, I have a lot of strange work in my life.
In my mundane hustle and bustle, my professional network is widely used.
I like to think it\'s because I\'m curious and like to get paid by experiencing different lifestyles;
Maybe that\'s why I\'m a journalist? —
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Anyway, before I did, I used to work in a bakery, fruit shop, and even spent a year doing smoothies.
Then I worked in a bar, worked as a waitress in an upscale restaurant, worked in the billing department of the sex hotline for a while, and accidentally did a shift at the strip club.
But because it\'s a tennis season now, they\'re all yarn for another time.
So, in honor of the Australian Open, I think this is the right time to share a special job I found myself doing in my early 20 s.
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You see, in the second half of the university, I am a student, mainly to support myself as a model.
While most of my farrrshion work tends to be in a studio where a glam team picks, pulls and grabs me and makes me look like the version I \'d better look --
By the way, it took aaaaaages
I got a special show because . . . . . . My chest, nothing else.
The big chest needs different attention.
Image source: InstagramAt I thought I was 12 or 14 at the time, maybe sometimes DD, but anyway, because no matter how big I see, I was all booked as a sports bra tester for Serena Williams. Sort of. I’ll explain.
But first, some background . . . . . . You see, as any woman on the committee knows (
What Committee do you know, people)
High matching bra-
Shock movement is not like a typical chest movement.
Smooth style, you are used to seeing on professional and regular, chest-level athletes.
For me, a cropped top clumsily extends to my full tatas, meaning Nike\'s iconic logo doesn\'t look like a tick, more like a deformed sperm from a sweaty
Don\'t even let me start to get involved in the chest sweat of this \"supportive\" approach.
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I\'m not going to name anyone because frankly they didn\'t pay me to say it here)
They take their own things seriously: they try to measure the bounce of their breasts scientifically.
My specific size before I know-
Those who are similar enough to represent Serena-
Let me land at the Australian Institute of Physical Education where my task is to sprint with a bra and without a bra so that a group of scientists can see how touched my mom is.
On January 15, 2019, in the women\'s singles competition on the second day of the Australian Open in Melbourne, Serena Williams.
Picture: William West/AFPSource: AFPTo draw a picture: I will be with a few others and a half
Nude models do the same.
When we don\'t run, we all stand and chat, and dozens of wireless sensors are scattered on our bodies.
This may sound like part of a sport.
Pornographic films with CGI as the theme, but this is not the case.
It\'s clinical.
Very polite researchers will turn around us and they will only leave their data screen and kindly ask if they can adjust the neurons around the nipple for better reading.
To be honest, they are happy memories.
The only thing I\'m sad about is that there\'s no real Serena there.
She might be too busy somewhere, so I get it.
Anyway, the whole point of this methodical movement is because of this special brand bra
The only sports bra worn by tennis champions (
There is a big lead if you want this brand! )—
A measure of what bra is best for what activity has been developed.
And, as my braless bounce chest can confirm, they really got their product through the pace.
FYI: The test found that even if it is not supported B-
The cup can rebound 8 cm when movingfucking OUCH!
Serena Williams practiced for the Australian Open at Margaret Stadium in Melbourne.
Picture: AAP Picture/Julian Smith Source: AAPLike I mentioned before that jobs should teach you something and that job taught me something, I will always carry with me when it comes to high impact sports, I will never choose anything other than boob support for legal testing.
Williams won\'t MS either.
\"As a female athlete, I know how important a good bra is . \"
As a woman who used to be her, a bit like the official bra tester, I quite agree. —
Jessica Leahy is the news editor for whimn. com.
African Union, continue to talk @ alimicavanleahy-
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