Teyana Taylor Poses Nude for Magazine and Reflects on \"Fade\" Fame: \"It Was a Do-or-Die Moment\"

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-05
The star status of Tyana Taylor is declining. The 25-year-
\"The old three threats\" made its debut at this year\'s MTV Live Music Awards in the music video \"fade\" of Kanye West, setting off a storm in the music industry.
Taylor\'s lightning dance
In the coming weeks, the routine of sports bras and thongs made headlines and the subject of water dispensers.
When she started her business in her teens, this moment quickly made her an international star. \"It was a do-or-
I think, \'I am going to jump my f--
Taylor said in a paper published in October on making videos.
Of course, it shows her heart that celebrities from all over the industry can\'t help but applaud her.
Since then, the video has accumulated more than 38 million views on YouTube alone.
While Taylor\'s muscular figure has won praise from some of Hollywood\'s most famous women, including Chris Tygen and Kim Kardashian, Taylor believes that this moment, as a mother
\"To be honest, if I\'m just 21 years old, sexy and single, I don\'t think \'farde\' will have the same effect,\" she told the magazine . \".
\"It\'s not just dancing in a sports bra and a thong.
\"According to Taylor, this is an affirmation that women can have everything.
\"You can be Superman.
You can have it all in your relationship, your family and your career, this balance.
This is contrary to the old talk, the old talk that the child will slow you or your career down.
\"On the contrary, since she was walking in one of her idols, VogueEditor --in-
Chief Anna Wintour
\"I\'m nervous,\" Taylor said of her pillar in the fourth season of the West of September.
\"I saw the pose, I saw the bangs, I saw Bob, I saw the shadows and I said, \'Anna\' is here.
My nervousness really happened. I love Anna.
I\'m crazy about her.
So, knowing she\'s there, she knows who I am. . . ,\" she added.
In fact, Taylor recently launched a series of baby head packs inspired by her daughter, Tyler Schubert.
She shared his name with her husband and basketball player proIman Shumpert.
\"She\'s a damn baby tycoon,\" Taylor said of her only child . \".
\"Junie is so cool that Anna Wintour might see me and, in all her current successes, Taylor praises little Junie for having a good atmosphere.
\"She is our lucky charm.
\"She\'s just everything,\" she told the magazine . \".
\"From the day I conceived her to the day she was born, it was all positive, it was all great, it was all iconic. \"
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