tennis: it\'s championship or bust

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-03
Rising star Simona Halep has drawn attention for all the wrong reasons.
Romanians will be ranked 84 in the ASB Classic and have achieved some promising results. But the 19-year-
Old, who is the 2008 French Open youth champion, collected a global profile of her decision to do breast reduction surgery.
Halep has gained a lot of attention online.
Often weak contact with sports
And quite a few male fans.
On her 18 th birthday, Halep announced that she was going to have surgery to narrow the size of her 34DD breast, which \"made it uncomfortable for me to play \".
This has sparked a variety of arguments, with Facebook and \"fans\" petitioning to try to get her to reconsider.
The same proportion of former South African top beach volleyball player Alena Schurkova told British media Halep made a big mistake and was concerned about the impact of the decision.
\"It sends out a message that girls with big breasts can\'t move, and that\'s wrong,\" Schurkova said . \".
\"I did more explosive moves than she did, wandering around the beach volleyball court, so I really don\'t understand the idea of limiting the chest to be bigger.
Shuerkova, who also represented New Zealand in the beach volleyball competition, believes that if high-profile professional athletes start to undergo such surgery, they will send a dangerous message to high school athletes.
\"I never found them a problem.
I used a nice support bra and that\'s what you really need.
\"In some British tabloids, there are similar but less scientific responses, with titles like \'Dream is over \';
\"To what extent Simona has fallen\" is perhaps the worst: \"The tennis world will lose two of its brightest stars. . .
A British plastic surgeon expressed support for Halep\'s decision in the debate: \"Obviously ,[they]
Caused a functional disturbance to her tennis match.
Her swing was hampered and she just couldn\'t move fast in her shape as she is now.
There is no doubt that Halep\'s game will improve after shrinking her chest and may allow her to swing faster and react faster on the pitch.
\"Halep started the procedure in June 2009.
\"I don\'t like them either in my daily life,\" she notes . \".
\"Even if I am not a female athlete, I will go to the surgery.
\"This must be an extremely difficult decision, which has been exacerbated by the attention of the global media.
Since the age of 16, Halep has dealt with the extra attention of the media with a calm attitude, although realizing that not all photographers and spectators are watching her game with pure tennis motives.
Google\'s search on \"simona halep\" shows this.
Results 56 million (
Williams, Jr.
94 million, Maria Sharapova 4. 99 million).
Her colleagues rank on both sides of the world ladder
No 83 lourde dominguesino and No 85 Zuzana Ondraskova-
The results were 67,200 and 36,900, respectively.
For years Serena Williams has had to deal with the ridicule of her protruding chest, even though she has returned some to the male --
At this year\'s Wimbledon, the tennis media dominated the press conference in a tense match.
Are you looking at my title?
\"Printed on her chest.
Halep\'s is an interesting case where it\'s hard to recall precedent in any sport.
400 hurdles in Australia
In 2010, Rawlinson removed her breast augmentation surgery, thinking it would improve her prospects for the 2012 London Olympics.
\"Every time I play, I worry about whether I will let my country down, it\'s all because of my own vanity,\" she said . \".
\"I absolutely like the bigger chest, but I don\'t want to be short --
Change Australia too
\"The Daily Mail also compared with darts Andy Fordham, who recently lost more than 60 kg games.
\"The only problem with playing darts now is that my weight loss affects my balance.
It\'s like learning to invest in a new body.
\"At the moment, Halep can focus entirely on her tennis and her results prove that her highly open personal decision is correct.
In the 18 months since the operation, she has risen by 184 and has been among the top 100 since July.
Halep had a 39-23 singles win-
She won several victories in the 2010 losing record, ranking significantly higher than her.
The highlight was in Morocco, where she went through three rounds of qualifying and went all the way to her first WTA final before heading to world number one
67 benisova.
She also struggled in Roland Garros\'s qualifying match and was eliminated.
The first round was played by Sam stuser.
At the US Open, Halep began to attract attention for the right reason, where she pushed the former world number one
Jelena Jankovic lost three sets in the third win.
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