tennis: heat rule in effect again at u.s. open

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-04
NEW YORK (Reuters)-The U. S.
Open will implement its heat rules in the next day\'s run, allowing the suffering players to get some relief from the cruel hot temperatures and high humidity of Flushing Meadows.
Wednesday is expected to be the hottest day of the week, and mercury is expected to soar to 96 degrees Fahrenheit (35. 5 Celsius)as second-
In the last Grand Slam this year, a full-scale game was played.
Humidity is expected to reach more than 70% and the situation will be more suffocating than on Tuesday, with the American Tennis Association saying five men withdrew from the first round due to the \"heat\"Related issues.
Hot rules allow women 10-
The minute break between the second and third sets of their game and the men is the same as the third and fourth sets.
The heat rules are common in women\'s competitions, but were first imposed on men at Tuesday\'s open.
The Serbian dejo used his 10-
On Tuesday, he and his opponent relaxed for a minute in the ice bath.
Calm down and seem to charge the Serbs, who completed his first mission
Round opponent Marton 6-3 3-6 6-4 6-0.
The sultry weather also left France\'s Alize Cornet feeling dazed and confused as she came back in her shirt --to-front.
When she realized her mistake, when she took off her striped top, briefly exposed the black sports bra, and then slid back in the right direction, she walked towards the back of the court.
However, what bothered her and confused her was that the quick dress adjustment allowed her to obtain a violation of the code from referee Christian Rask.
Many people label the referee\'s decision as a sex discrimination, and one fan tweeted: \"You won\'t be serious!
Men always change their shirts on the court. . .
It\'s ridiculous! ! ! !
\"Tournament organizers on Tuesday said they would consider closing the roofs of the two stadiums overnight to cool them, but told Reuters on Wednesday that the roofs were still open overnight.
They say there are still no plans to close the roof of Arthur Ash or Louis Armstrong Stadium on Wednesday.
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