\'tank girl\' rolls through the muck of punk appeal

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-13
In Tank Girl, cartoon heroine Rebecca Buck, an arrogant traitor with the heart of gold and steel, 2033, after a cosmic disaster made the earth dry into dust, fight with the head of the properly named Water and Power Department. (Rated R)
* Just because a movie is based on a comic book doesn\'t mean it\'s for kids.
Let\'s say it\'s not surprising that tank girls --Ra.
The film is fullyour-
In the face of erotic revelry and violence, it seems that the main purpose is to attract people who don\'t even have a box of popcorn.
But there are also kids who love punk who say they find a lot of things they like in fast food.
A rhythmic film spliced with a cartoon of rough paintings, characterized by cartoon dialogue (
\"Your face was baked.
Frankly, your chances of meeting again are as slim as your arms grow back \").
\"I think this is a good combination of comic books,\" says Chris Gassler . \" He came with his friend Brett Soren, all 13 years old.
\"I like the way they go from comic books to real life.
This adds more uniqueness.
\"The boys also like Tank Girl Lori Petti, who was last seen as a player in\" their own league \"and advised young girls to\" get dirty \".
\"As a Tank Girl, she took her own advice to shoot out obscene items like bullets from automatic weapons. Her bleached-
The golden hair buzzed on the tail.
She was wearing a missile bra.
\"You can see from her looks that she doesn\'t fit her character,\" Chris said . \".
Sometimes it\'s hardto-
When water and power CEO Kesslee organized a raid on Rebecca\'s home, the plot started, and she and the rest of the family had a secret pump.
Except Rebecca and 10-year-
The old girl was killed.
When the tank girl organizes her salary
Trying to rescue the imprisoned girl, she and the cruel Kessler (
Played by Malcolm McDowell).
Along the way, she was imprisoned herself, escaped with a new friend Jet Girl, and joined with a group of illegal creatures, reincarnated men who crossed with kangaroo DNA. Got it? No matter.
The boys say special effects and punk rock music make up for the chaos caused by the plot.
They especially like the real remote.
The controlled ears and tails, as well as the face expressions of the ripple, provide a lovely oasis in cynicism and violence with their silly sweetness.
Brett said he recognized the rapper easily.
T, despite the good makeup and costumes, he plays the reincarnation of the kangaroo by the beat writer Jack Kerouac.
The boys also said that the soundtrack featured \"hole\" and \"ice\"
Belly and others may attract most of the children in their school, but not their parents.
\"The point of most adults is that it\'s just a bunch of yelling, but it\'s a big shout,\" Chris explained . \".
In his opinion, the film is not for everyone, but \"basically for people who like that kind of music \".
It feels that way.
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