sundin a big bust so far

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-18
It\'s a safe bet that Mats Sundin is not tuned to the Canucks radio phone
In Vancouver these days.
Since the former cans captain chose to resume his career in Vancouver last month, Canadians have done nothing but lose.
This has triggered a wide fan backlash, but for Sundin, fans are laughing at more than just frustration with failure.
Fans, especially on the radio.
In the program, it\'s-Sundin.
They call him bust.
Like a former teammate.
Leaf\'s teammate, Kyle Wellwood, is known as another Leaf litter that failed to land in Vancouver.
Sundin is not used to hearing these things.
But the big Swede, who always performs in class, accepts the frustration of fans, even if he may not know how deep that frustration is.
\"Obviously, it\'s not up to standard,\" Sundin told Vancouver Province . \".
\"I want to be more efficient than I am.
\"Since he signed a closely watchedyear, pro-
A $5 rating contract for Canucks.
With a 0. 626 billion cap hit, Sundin is expected to change a lot.
Vancouver is very lively, fair or not, and fans believe that Sundin\'s arrival is closely related to the competitive position of the Stanley Cup. That was Dec. 18.
Here it is: Vancouver has won a match in the last 10 games.
The club has dropped from number one in its division to five.
Place 7-way tie
On the ladder of the Western playoffs.
Vancouver is also 1-5-
Since the arrival of SundinThe 37-year-
Old, it\'s been 14 years as captain, and in his career he has a better rhythm than a point, he has two goals and an assist.
Sundin has also been punished by what critics call \"laziness\" and has been fined for three winning goals.
Since his arrival, Sundin has not tried to cover up the fact that his conditions and time did not meet the peak criteria.
Work is under way in this area, but in five areasday all-
When the star rested, Sundin chose land training instead of skating, claiming that there was no way to reproduce the speed and intensity of the team\'s practice on a piece of ice in Whistler alone.
The local response was negative again.
To be fair, Sundin has shown encouraging signs that his timing, especially the timing of shooting, is almost 100.
In the last three games, he skated better and entered the place where he needed to go and overall looked like his former self. Still, the phone
In the display overflow of \"what\'s wrong with the mat? \" callers.
Sundin\'s only break seems to be that coach Alan vignette is also under tremendous pressure, so there will be double-outs every day in Vancouver.
Watching it all unfold was Wellwood, who absorbed a lot of fans\' discontent and was almost removed from the team in the fall
Par adjustment.
Wellwood, a player with keen intelligence, is usually one step ahead of the media, but in the case of Sundin, he does not see panic.
Wedwood told reporters earlier this week: \"I was given up and didn\'t skate for four days and then played the best game of the season . \" He was referring to October.
In Columbus\'s 21 games, he scored a goal and an assist, setting him up for six goals in seven games.
\"Matz did not discuss with me.
It\'s a long and difficult season and you have to stay in shape.
Maybe he will have his best game.
Tonight against Minnesota).
Vigneault dropped Sundin from the center of the second line of Wellwood and Mason Raymond to the third line
As a winger, Alex berrose and Ryan Kessler are identified.
Sundin\'s original vision was hard to see what it was, offering supplementary scores for Sedin twins and Taylor Piat\'s top teams.
\"Physically speaking, I\'m close to where I should be,\" Sundin said . \".
\"The legs are not a problem, but a situation of production.
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