Summer new style breathable seamless women's back vest without steel ring seamless vest cross beauty back bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-14
Summer new breathable seamless women's back vest without steel ring seamless vest cross beauty back bra

ingorsports has more than 20 years of experience in the production of seamless underwear and beautiful back bras. The beautiful back vest is also known as the beautiful back bra. The difference between the beautiful back bra and the traditional ordinary bra is that, as the name suggests, wearing a beautiful back vest will make your back look very good, especially in summer when you wear cooler clothes, it will highlight the beauty and increase your beauty. confidence and temperament.

There are many styles of popular beauty back vests on the market. Generally speaking, the most popular ones are the elements of patterns formed by various thin straps, such as adding letters or numbers to the shoulder straps. On this basis, many different styles can be designed without facing the trouble of bumping into shirts. And compared with ordinary bras, the price of beautiful back vests is not high or basically the same, so it is quite good in terms of cost performance.

Beautiful back vests can be subdivided into functional and decorative vests in terms of their effects. The backs of functional beauty vests are mostly sporty styles such as U-shaped, I-shaped back, and V-shaped. They are more suitable for girls with wide and fleshy backs to correct their backs and can be worn all year round. The back design of the modified vest is generally Y-shaped, T-shaped, crossed shoulder straps, hollow lines, etc. It is suitable for girls with a good figure. It can be used with a backless sportswear manufacturer, suitable for summer and autumn when the weather is relatively hot. wear.

The most important function of the beautiful back vest is to reflect the beautiful curve of the back. It is not like the ordinary bra with buckle design, but more of a line combination design, which is more unique and sexy, and highlights the beauty, so it is very popular among young female consumers. 's favorite.

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