Successful Breastfeeding – Prepare Yourself!

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-03
Breastfeeding is a common habit among pregnant women.
However, what many women do not need to do is prepare for breastfeeding in advance.
They simply make a statement and put it in their mind.
The next time a problem occurs, when a new mom has just experienced the pain of childbirth, it usually appears in the delivery suite.
When she meets with the newborn, the new mom may be exhausted and the last thing she wants is someone else to poke her. The result?
When a bottle of breast milk is produced and the tired mother is told that she can try breastfeeding later in the day, all her breast-feeding kindness is covered up!
In order to get the best chance of successful breastfeeding, pregnant women need to be prepared during pregnancy.
The success of breastfeeding stems from careful planning.
The most important way to successfully breastfeed is to breastfeed the newborn within half an hour of birth! Not later on!
Dedicated to breastfeeding, but do not put too much pressure on yourself, will have a miracle!
If a new mom puts pressure on herself, she may feel a lot of pressure, so she prefers to give up breastfeeding as early as possible.
There is a lot of pressure to have a new child!
When you are still pregnant, prepare for breastfeeding and feel more relaxed when the baby is born.
The following will definitely help with your breastfeeding experience: Join the breastfeeding support group and chat with new and experienced breastfeeding moms.
Ask questions about breastfeeding and ask if you can see that some babies are breast fed.
Observe how each baby is placed on the breast.
See how different moms hold their children.
To avoid early problems, it is essential to find the right place.
Advice on breastfeeding friendly shops and replacement facilities can also be consulted!
Read books, magazines or online articles to learn as much as possible about the success of breastfeeding.
When you are about 38 weeks pregnant, measure the size of the care bra.
This service is now available in many baby stores.
Try some different styles and find a comfortable one.
And bought a few nights-
Time care bra
Care pads are essential to absorb leaks and avoid embarrassing stains!
The care case is very useful when going out at night as they will find a leak.
Alternatively, you can use them during breastfeeding to collect milk from unused breasts and store milk for later use.
Nipple cream can relieve nipple pain. Front-
Turning on or nursing your pajamas or pajamas can make it easier to breastfeed at night. Loose-
The fitted top can be comfortable during the day.
Try layering so that your back is not exposed when you feed.
Or, if you are anxious about breastfeeding in front of others, you can use a poncho or package. A Breast-
The pump is a great investment because it can be used to collect milk from the bottle feed, to make solids for the first time, or to prevent swelling or relieve the inflammation of the cows when you are away from the baby.
Let other mothers recommend what they like. A V-
The shaped cushion can make breastfeeding more comfortable as it provides good support for mothers.
Alternatively, the baby can be raised to a more comfortable height for the mother with a nursing pillow.
Sterilizer is a compact way to save baby utensils and breasts
Pump Accessories are clean and sterile.
Some mothers find the chair useful, especially when eating at night.
If you are well prepared for breastfeeding, there is no reason why you will not succeed. Breast-
Milk is a natural food for babies;
Start a life of perfect balance!
Start a life of perfect balance!
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