Strict environmental protection investigation, the rising cost of women's underwear processing, where will the underwear factory go?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-18
With the recent increase in the country's environmental protection efforts, women's underwear processing dyeing, accessories, etc. will inevitably rise, which also brings the overall cost of underwear factories to rise, and has a greater impact on the entire underwear processing industry. What should underwear factories do in the future?

During this period of time, we have received many inquiries from customers, and everyone is talking about environmental protection. Due to environmental protection reasons, many small dyeing and auxiliary material production workshops have closed down, and large formal factories are also waiting for the environmental protection assessment of the superior.

For this environmental review, many small underwear factories feel unprecedented anxiety, because these underwear factories are relatively small in scale, and their equipment and personnel are not as good as those of large standardized underwear manufacturers. One of their big advantages in competition with big underwear manufacturers is price. In order to get customer orders at lower prices, they can only further control the cost. Naturally, there are some small dyeing factories and workshops that do not have environmental protection control. , Because these small dyeing factories cannot install complete environmental protection equipment like large dyeing factories because of financial problems. Therefore, the relative processing cost will be lower, and the price is that there may be environmental pollution.

Nowadays, these small underwear factories, dyeing factories and workshops that do not meet environmental protection standards are closed down, although to a certain extent, it affects the cost of underwear processing. But why isn't that a good thing?

In the rise of any industry, there are always some 'spoilers' in the development process, and the same is true for the women's underwear processing industry. After decades of development, the underwear processing industry has formed a large-scale industry belt, a small workshop of a few people, a small There are many underwear factories, and there are many large-scale and powerful underwear manufacturers. It is imminent to transform and upgrade. Many underwear factories have encountered bottlenecks in the development of a certain period. Where should the transformation go? At a loss, many underwear factories do not have strong competitiveness and can only rely on low prices to grab orders. In order to gain profits from Weibo, they have to find some inferior materials and unfriendly dyeing. The same underwear style, large-scale and standardized underwear manufacturers if they produce and process according to the original standards, the cost must be higher than the processing cost of these small underwear factories, which also directly leads to many large-scale underwear manufacturers to compete with these small workshop-style factories Sometimes due to the reality, only some inferior raw materials can be used for production.

Many people will find out why many products on the market today are not as good as they were a few years ago. In fact, a large part of the reason is due to the 'spoilers' of these markets. Through this environmental protection review, some informal small workshops were banned, these 'spoilers' were driven out of the market, and the entire women's underwear market was fair. Isn't this a good thing?

This environmental audit also has an impact on the underwear factory ingorsports, but it is not very big. The dyeing factory that the underwear factory ingorsports cooperates with is also a relatively large factory in Dongyang not far from the factory. This environmental audit also directly affects the dyeing. Cost, the direct price increase of 30%, and the cost of some accessories such as bra pads also increased a lot, but ingorsports underwear factory took into account the entire women's underwear market, and did not increase the price accordingly. What we choose is to overcome the difficulties and develop together with our customers.

How to get over the current difficulties? How will the underwear factory transform in a fair environment in the future? After this major reshuffle of underwear factories, it is inevitable that a number of uncompetitive underwear factories will close down. The remaining underwear factories should pay more attention to research and development capabilities. While improving the quality of underwear, it is the kingly way to go out with the brand of their own underwear factories.

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