stores \'fixed sports bra prices\'

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-11
Fair Trade Office (OFT)
The company accused three large department stores of colluding with a manufacturer to determine the price of a sports bra.
The agency said Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser agreed to determine the price of the bra shock absorber series produced by DB Apparel UK. The anti-
The competition agreement was reached between 2008 and 2011, OFT said.
When retailers said they were confident that there was no violation of the law, DB Apparel rejected the OFT charge.
\"Since the beginning of this process, we have been transparent to the British authorities and will continue to vigorously defend ourselves in this investigation,\" a DB clothing spokesperson said . \".
During the period covered by the survey, the shock range accounted for 15% of the sports bra market.
OFT said the alleged agreement applies nationwide to some products within the range of shock absorbers.
Manufacturers and department stores are accused of maintaining retail prices
If the supplier specifies the price for their product, the retailer agrees.
A House of Fraser\'s spokesman said: \"We are in common.
Fully cooperate with the Fair Trade office and ongoing investigations and will respond accordingly.
\"We believe that we have been operating within all laws and regulations and are very supportive of any initiatives that ensure that pricing policies are fair to our customers.
A spokesman for John Lewis said: \"John Lewis always strives to operate within the law and comply with the regulations.
We are working fully with OFT and will respond in due course.
A Debenhams spokesman said: \"Debenhams plc has expressed its objection to these interim findings of OFT, but cannot comment further at this stage.
The matter is being dealt with by his outside lawyer.
\"OFT says the aim of these agreements is to increase the price of each Shock Absorber bra in three department stores.
\"OFT accepts price charges --
\"Seriously fix it,\" said Ann Pope, senior director of OFT services, infrastructure and public markets.
\"Resale price maintenance limits competition among retailers and can lead to higher prices being paid by consumers.
\"At this stage, it should not be assumed that there is a violation of the competition law.
We will seriously consider the negotiations between the two sides. . .
Before deciding whether the competition law was violated.
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