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stacy kiebler joins instagram with sexy gym photo

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-12
Stacy Keibler announced that she posted a photo of herself in the gym rock sports bra and six abs on Instagram.
She has 12,000 fans now.
It\'s not that the two are connected.
There have been rumors that she was pregnant with the child of groggi Clooney, and it is clear that she was not pregnant with the child.
This photo from Como, Italy is where Clooney and whipble are on vacation.
Kiebler\'s friend told TMZ that the rumor was \"100% fake \".
She asked us to share her exercise secrets every week.
\"I went to training camp in Barry, I went to Physique 57-
Every week is different for me.
Sometimes I go to Barry\'s house three times a week because it fits my schedule better and sometimes I work out five times a week with the coach.
I like boxing too.
This is an amazing exercise . . . . . . Summer is the time for me to start boxing at least once or twice a week.
I just wanted to mix it up. ” – Who cares.
Do what you have to do.
\"I started dancing and exercising since I was a child, and then I started to be a cheerleader, and I always did,\" she told American weekly . \".
\"But even when I was 15, I was going to the gym.
I have always had a sense of being healthy and I am really balanced.
I like to eat a lot so I have to do a lot of work to balance it.
So you have it.
Everyone knows, eat a lot, exercise a lot.
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Here\'s some evidence that George Clooney knows how to pick some elegant women.
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