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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-18
What is fiber fineness? Fiber fineness is the goal of indicating the thickness of cotton fibers. It is indicated by dtex. Conventional bedding fillers generally have 6D, 7D, 8D, 15D, etc., and the length is generally 64mm. 1000 meters cotton fiber weighs a few grams. It is called a few specials, the larger the special, the thicker the cotton fiber. Cotton used for advanced fillers generally does not exceed 8D. Hollow cotton: This type of cotton generally has a hole or a hole, and has good elasticity and warmth retention. Polyester cotton: generally solid, with poor elasticity and warmth retention, with heavier intuition, can be used as a filler for low-grade products. (1) Porous cotton: This type of fiber has seven or four holes, respectively, and the standard is 6D and 8D. They are all three-dimensional curved cotton, with good elasticity, warmth retention, air permeability, light weight, and comfortable human body feeling. Because the fiber pores can maintain the moisture and oxygen in the air, it can be used for the metabolism of human skin, which is beneficial to the health of the body. Therefore, it is generally used as a filler for medium and high-grade products, but the cost is high. (2) Single-hole cotton: The fiber has a hollow hole, which has better elasticity and warmth retention than polyester solid cotton, and the price is generally lower. It is used as a filler for general supplies. Slippery cotton: This type of cotton has a hole, which makes it feel extra comfortable and smooth after cleaning. Warmth and elasticity are good. If combined with the special anti-mildew, anti-bacteria, and anti-static fibers of American LOFT, it will be more healthy and comfortable, and meet the needs of modern people. This cotton is often used as filler for water bird quilts and slippery quilts. Soft cotton, loose cotton: hollow cotton or three-dimensional curved single-hole cotton is made by finishing, paving, spraying glue, cleaning and other processes. Generally, finer fibers are used. After high temperature resistance and disinfection treatment, the spray soft glue is soft to the touch and light in weight. It is often used as a multi-purpose quilt core cotton. According to its thickness, it can be divided into 800#, 1000#, 1200#, 2400# cotton. Often used as high-grade bedding and more quilt core cotton.
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