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Sports Trivia Questions - Truly Awesome Athletes

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-07-02
This specific sports body's the only one to ever acquire multiple medals at both the Winter and summer Olympics. Name them. Answer: Clara Hughes Hughes was born using a 27th of September, 1972 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Clara won her first two Olympic medals in Atlanta, Georgia. She competed the actual individual biking road race and the individual time trial event. She managed to win bronze in each of the competitions. Clara then turned her attention towards the Winter Olympics. She competed the actual 5000m speed skating event in the games in Salt Lake City in 2002. She won a bronze medal for her efforts. Clara then continued and competed within sport held in Torino where she harnessed gold during the 5000m speed skating the competition. She also won a silver medal at the games within team pursuit event. In 2010, at the Vancouver Olympic games Clara achieved a bronze medal in the ladies 5000m speed skating event. Clara is not just a decorated athlete, but is indeed so a big supporter among the charitable organization, 'Right to Play'. In addition to her medals, she additionally been awarded the Order of Canada and also the Order of Manitoba. Clara Hughes is truly among the the amazing Olympians. Who holds the record for the most gold medals at an Olympics? Answer: Michael Phelps In 2008 at the games kept in Beijing Michael was able to win eight gold medals. All his medals were in the pool. Michael won the 100m fly, 200m free, 200m fly, 200 m individual medley, 400m individual medley, 4x 100m freestyle relay, 4x100 medley relay and the 4x 200m freestyle inform. Michael added these eight gold into the six gold and two bronze medals that he won within the games in 2004. Michael has won more gold medals than any other athlete in the history of the modern Olympic games. His Olympic medal total is second only towards 18 medals that were won by Larissa Latynina the famous Russian gymnast. Michael was born in Baltimore, Maryland on the 30th of June 85. Michael was diagnosed in the age of seven with ADD. Allow him obliterate energy he was included in swimming. Michael has founded the Michael Phelps Foundation, that's a charity that advocates swimming and water safety for families. He is also a co-founder within the Swim while Stars regimen. Who holds the record in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most versatile female patient? Answer: 'Babe' Mildred Ella Didrikson Zaharias Mildred produced in Port Arthur, Texas on the 26th of June 1911. She was one of seven children born to Ole and Hannah Didriksen. She would change the spelling of her last name when she was a little older. The name 'Babe' would be a childhood nickname that stayed with her all her lifetime. Mildred was truly one of the several greatest athletes of historical. In 1932, she went on the Amateur Athletic Union Tournament. She won eight on the ten events that she competed in and won the team championship. Babe was since they person on her team. In 1932, Babe i went to the Olympics in Chicago. She won two gold medals and one silver. She won gold in the 80m hurdles and the javelin. Her silver medal came inside sport of high increase. Babe's most recognized sports achievements would wear golf. In what was truly an amazing career Babe won 82 golf tournaments. She won the ladies Grand Slam of golf in 1950. Some of her records in golf have never been defective. Sadly, Babe was told you have colon cancer in 1953. She underwent surgery and continued to play golf, although she limited the quantity of tournaments she competed appearing in. In 1955, the cancer returned and Babe died at the age of 45 in Galveston, Texas. If you enjoy Sports Trivia Questions the look at ==> SportsTriviaQuestions.org
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