Sports clothes when cleaning should pay attention to what aspects?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-04-08
At ordinary times for the friend that likes sports, maybe it's focus to how to choose and buy clothes, and for maintenance aspect of sports clothes without too much attention, believe that many friends after exercise, take off your clothes, put for a long time or even overnight before cleaning, cause the whole room is khan, acidity, and a lot of time together with other clothes to wash, actually these are all wrong, below small make up a simple introduction sportswear when cleaning, should pay attention to those aspects. 1, after take off clothes, don't put too long to wash; 2, according to the different clothes washing label instructions, choose corresponding washing way, look to whether can use the washing machine wash, for example, and see the demand of different sports clothes for washing temperature, be especially careful when cleaning water is warm in winter. 3, careful with fabric softener; Sportswear because sweat more, may be a lot of friends when washing clothes, in order to worry about clothes khan acidity will exist after cleaning, then may select some fragrances, actually this kind of detergents & other; Addition & throughout; May penetrate the fibers, fiber harden and undermine its absorbent and deodorization ability. If there is to be added, suggest to find on the market, look have sportswear special detergent.
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