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sports bras: get fit for action

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-31
Heather Cvitkovic, product manager at sports comfort, said eight out of ten women are wearing sports bras of the wrong size, and the company sells more sports bras than any other brand.
But size is not the only thing that matters when choosing a sports bra.
\"The bra style you wear needs to fit the type of activity you do in it,\" she said . \".
Compression Bra, press the breast on the chest to limit the movement of the bra, the most suitable for small-
A woman with low breasts-
Impact activities such as swimming.
Bra that combines compression and packagingsemi-molded cups —
For women with larger breasts and need more support, this is better than the effect obtained from compression alone.
There is also an encapsulated bra
A style of \"lifting and separating --
Most suitable for larger-
The woman who is doing the middle breast-and high-
Impact activities such as running or skipping rope.
No matter which style you choose, Cvitkovic said: \"The straps at the bottom should be closer to each other than the underwear bra, as this is the source of support . \".
You should be able to take a deep breath without feeling uncomfortable, but you should feel nervous, she added.
The strap at the bottom should also cross the back flat and straight.
Here are some of the latest styles: champion couple style: compression;
Jumper/Racing driver background: low impact/-B cupsSize: S-XLPrice: $24.
Where to buy 99: Ibex Wool Balance Support style: compression;
Jumper/racer back with adjustable strapsIdeal for: lowShock/-C cupsSize: S-
Where to buy LPrice: $75: Lole IntenseStyle: compression/encapsulation;
Fit: mid impact/A-jumper racing driver backgroundC cupsSize: XS-
Where to buy XLPrice: $45: lululemmon Ta Tamer IIStyle: Package; hook-and-eye closure;
Adjustable strap with flat or cross in XIdeal, suitable for: Medium-high impact/C-Size: 32C-
38 DPrice: Where to buy $58: mobile comfort JunoStyle: Package;
Jumper with Hookand-eye closure;
Racing background: Medium-high impact/B-
DD size: 32B-
40 DDPrice: Where to buy $56: seamless essential sports BraStyle: compression;
Jumper with adjustable shoulder strap;
Racing background: low impact/-B cupsSize: XS-XLPrice: $29.
Where to buy 99: Top secret IncredibleStyle in Victoria: compression/packaging;
Suitable for: Medium-high impact/B-
DD size: 32B-38DPrice: $49. 50-$56.
Where to buy 50: health @ latimes
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