sports bras are a bust for some

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In 1977, two female runners sewn two legs together to create the first.
A women\'s soccer player has focused the world\'s attention on the latest soccer player by showing her buffer Cup at 1999 World Cup.
In just over 20 years, the sports bra has come a long way.
Since the 19 th century, feminist Amelia Jenks Blomer has not designed loose pants to give women the freedom to participate in sports, but instead designed a costume that changed
Before the birth of the mother of all sports bras, jogging bras, breast discomfort and embarrassment prevented many women from participating in high schoolimpact sports.
Today, with the support of the booming $300, women run, climb mountains, skate, play basketball and almost all other sportsmillion-a-
Followed by the annual sports bra industry-or perhaps led--
Explosive growth in women\'s track and field.
However, although there are now a variety of dazzling colors and styles, most sports bras are still a bra for typical American women wearing 36 yards.
\"Almost all sports bras are not enough to wear C-
Cup or larger, \"said Judy Mahler Lutt, dean of the Minnesota School of meibomini --
Research organization dedicated to women\'s health and sports activities. \"Larger-
Women in the chest and women in the chest
When feeding, it is often difficult to find a sports bra that fits, feels comfortable and provides enough exercise control.
\"The inability to find a satisfactory sports bra makes it impossible for many women to exercise,\" Lutter said. Lutter\'s organization recently conducted a sports bra survey in its newsletter.
\"Some women report that they wear two or three bras at a time in order to get enough control,\" she said . \".
Others tie their breasts with Ace bandages to minimize \"shaking\" and put on T-
Shirt under bra to eliminate friction.
One woman who underwent breast reduction surgery says one of the biggest benefits is being able to exercise and swim without attracting attention.
A study conducted by the American Sports Commission last year reported that \"most women feel breast discomfort while exercising\", either silent or completely avoiding physical activity.
When ACE commissioned a group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin
La Crosse will evaluate the five most popular sports bras designed for large sportsFemale (size C-cup or larger)
They found that some people offer no more support than regular bras.
Part of the problem is, \"the average bra size increased from 34B 20 years ago to 36C (
Plastic surgery and the use of contraceptives are involved)
\"An article on ACE research was published in the organization\'s magazine fitnesfactors. Smaller-
Women wearing A chestor B-
Cup, usually suitable for compression bra, press the breast on the body.
Their main discontent is the unflattering expression. *Larger-
However, women in the chest generally cannot wear a compression bra, which requires support in another sports bra that encapsulates each breast in a seat beltlike device.
\"Coverage is usually larger (
Encapsulated bra)
\"Various straps and snap rings help keep the breast in place,\" the magazine notes . \".
However, while there are \"countless styles and fabrics to choose from\" in the compression bra, there are often fewer varieties of package models and higher prices.
In fact, attention
Catch the sports bra worn by the United StatesS.
World Cup soccer heroine Brady Chastan is only in-and B-
Nike spokesman Catherine Reese pointed out that the company\'s new in-house event series also includes Fuller\'s style --busted women. The highest-
Rated bras in ACE survey are champion action shape sports tops, one of more than 50 sports bras made by champion Jogbra, now owned by Chicago-
Headquartered in Sarah Lee
* A good sports bra is more than just a fashion statement.
It is an essential part of sports equipment.
\"If you ask women who figure out what their most important equipment is, first of all, shoes and sports bras . \"
Described \"chief bra master\" in the title of the California Mail \"ninth sports\"
Main order company for women\'s sportswear.
\"But surprisingly, many women don\'t know the size of their bra.
\"After pregnancy, for example, or due to weight gain or medication, the size of the bra often changes.
\"However, many women have never remeasured themselves,\" Park said . \" She said the sales staff at her company were trained to talk to women through the measurement process. (Call [800]342-4448. )
In order to choose the sports bra that suits you, ACE experts recommend: * choose a well ventilated bra so that the sweat will not get stuck and increase friction and friction.
* Make sure the buckle or strap does not go deep into your skin.
A good sports bra should fit comfortably from the beginning of the first wear.
* Imitate the movement you will do when trying on a bra.
You might want a different type of bra.
Exercise is more influential than aerobic exercise or jogging.
* Please keep in mind that the sports bra loses flexibility over time and should be replaced every six months to a year.
Carol crukov wrote a column for The Washington Post on health and fitness issues.
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