sports bras: an open letter to their manufacturers

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-08
Hello, dear bra manufacturer. I\'m Jen. I am a 40-year-
The old mother of two children
In fact, please allow me to introduce myself in a language you can understand: I am 38 DDD.
I always buy bras for these little stones I carry with me, and I always swear at your name.
You may have heard me shouting, \"Damn you, Medon form, and your barbed wire!
Or \"I hate you, Vicki!
Your secret is to push everything to the top and hopefully keep it as it is!
Various dressing rooms from all over the country.
Over the years, your bra manufacturers have done a better job of making more comfortable, more supportive bras for everyday use, but will it kill you to make them beautiful?
Girls like me who have \"girls\" need a workaholic and attractive bra.
Think about how beautiful those Budweiser brands are.
They can drag a lot, but they seem to do well.
Don\'t even let me start with the price you charge!
Even though I want a nice and affordable bra, I\'m getting off the bus. topic.
That\'s not why I wrote today.
Today, I will write you an article about sports bra. WTF, you guys?
You tried your so-
You try to sell a sports bra to a girl with coconutsized boobies? ?
Did you invite a few girls to come over and taste before you sold your item to the store?
I don\'t think you
I think you\'re regular.
Sports bra of size, just enlarge it a little, call it good bra.
I have recently started a new exercise.
I didn\'t run and didn\'t go crazy like that, but there was quite a bit of rocking and jumping etc.
I decided I needed a sports bra to help control the girls and make the workout more comfortable without hitting myself on the face with the wrong breasts.
If your bra can handle this, let\'s talk about it!
The first one I tried was my size brand.
I think, hey, this brand knows big girls and of course they understand our dilemma and they have done a bra that can withstand the exercise and keep everything in order. Ha!
This bra is a joke.
This is the worst I \'ve ever tried.
Like wearing a T-shirt.
Shirt with a little elastic edge.
My chest really fell out of the bottom of this trash. What the hell?
Then I tried danpi.
I should know better.
This is a brand that caters to no boss.
Their XL sports bra is like the top of the hanging tube and can hardly cover my chest.
Once I finally twisted into the damn thing my chest was pressed out of the top, bottom and side.
I think there\'s even a little boobage behind me!
I look like two dachshunds fighting in a child\'s shoe cover.
I almost got to get myself out of this damn thing.
This week I bought a Jockey Bra touted as \"new and improved health ---
Or some term \"buy me now.
I was given a modest impression when I put it on.
Everything is suitable for where it should go, and there is very little rational penetration.
My only complaint is support.
This is still a little more than I want.
Jockey, you\'re here! Keep trying.
What I want to suggest is that we work together.
I\'ll help you design the perfect sports bra for this lady, she probably won\'t be running or jumping jack for the rest of her life, but I \'d like support if she wants.
I can try your prototype and tell you what is good and what is bad.
For example, I have seen a lot of sports bras with front zippers.
I think this is not good for XL chest.
I can\'t imagine the pain of grabbing a little extra meat in the zipper.
What I\'m thinking is the cross between a huge Ace bandage where you can wrap the baby back bag tightly with heavy Velcro and one of the Moby and make sure it\'s safe.
Maybe this might be a product with both?
You can use it to hold your child or tie your melon up and jog.
Because it\'s more
I don\'t mind paying $65. 00.
Tell me when you\'re ready.
In the meantime, I\'m going to find some tape to tie these babies up and get ready to work out with Chris this morning.
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