sports bra that’ll stop the bounce

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-12-01
Doing chest surgery in the gym can be a thing of the past.
Underwear brand Panache designed the ultimate sports bra for women with larger breasts.
They claim that the £ 35 super sports bra can reduce the bounce by up to 83 for D, H Cup, mega-
Combat technology.
This includes a wide padded strap to disperse the pressure on the shoulders, as well as a soft cord wrapped in silicone and sewn between the fabric for comfort.
Unlike some sports bras, it doesn\'t squeeze your chest on your chest so you still look hot while exercising.
The bra has been waiting for a few weeks . . . . . . But is it worth it?
We had the 23-year-old 32 DD model Quita test it in her gym workout a few times a week.
She said, \"This is the best --
Sports bras I \'ve seen don\'t look like other sports bras that almost tie you up.
\"It\'s really comfortable and you don\'t feel any wires and the fabric doesn\'t rub at all.
\"It provides a very good shape for girls with bigger breasts like me.
\"I completely forgot that I wore it most of the time even in my spin class.
\"Usually I get embarrassed by bouncing, but I\'m confident in the new design.
\"A clear thumb --up.
\"From tomorrow, there are four colors to choose from for the gorgeous sports bra.
For more information on stocks, see panachesport. com.
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