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sports bra maker-turned digital currency firm sees sec suspend trading

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-31
The Securities and Exchange Commission suspended trading in cryptocurrency companies. (CRCW), a sports bra-turneddigital-
57-money companies with stock prices soaring
Since September, as the United StatesS.
Regulators claim to be skeptical about the accuracy and adequacy of supporting information they disclose to investors. The two-
A week ban in Malibu, California
According to an order posted on the agency\'s website, Crypto\'s stock took effect at 9: 30 New York time on Tuesday.
Excessive stock trading-the-
The SEC said the counter market quoted on the platform OTC Link.
Earlier this year, after a reverse takeover of sports, the password was made public.
Croy, bra manufacturer
According to the company\'s regulatory documents, the company raised at least $10 million through stock sales.
The SEC is concerned about the accuracy and sufficiency of the information on \"remuneration paid to facilitate the company and the statements in the Commission documents regarding the company insider\'s plan to sell shares\", \"in order.
\"The Commission is of the view that a suspension of trading is required for the benefit of the public and for the protection of investors.
\"Monthly Bitcoin\" salmost-
Shares have risen to about $19,000 this year, attracting large numbers of start-ups, opportunistic, miners and traders to profit from the frenzy.
Despite the first appearance of bitcoin futures trading in Chicago this month
Exchanges based on Cboe Global Market Corporation(CBOE -Get Report)
And CME Group(CME -Get Report)
Regulators are cautious about the possibility that ordinary investors may become victims of fraud or manipulation.
The command for the password is one week after another California.
Company based in Munchee Inc. , halted a so-
After being charged with offering unregistered securities by the SEC, it is called the first issue of coins.
In ICO, investors provide cash to companies in exchange for digital tokens;
In some cases, such tokens can be considered securities, the SEC said. -
So regulated. In a Dec.
In a statement, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton warned that social media platforms have been \"talking\" about cryptocurrency, characterized by \"getting rich and making dreams come true \".
\"There are some concerns raised about cryptocurrency and ICO markets, including because they are currently operating and investor protection is much less than our traditional securities market, Clayton said in a statement: \"opportunities for fraud and manipulation have also increased accordingly. \".
Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase(JPM -Get Report)
The largest bank in the United StatesS.
The bank called bitcoin \"fraud\", worse than tulips.
\"According to the regulatory documents of Crypto, the company invests in technology and tokens\" to diversify its investment in growing digital assets.
\"Passwords also advise on transactions in digital assets and proprietary software.
TheCEO is Michael Poutre, 46. the filing documents show.
He has run a hedge fund for the past decade.
According to his LinkedIn profile, app search has served as CEO of jewelry designers, consulting for utilities, and working at a company that makes people\'s memory movies for future generations.
One of the phone numbers listed in the Cryto regulatory documents is not answered and the email is not answered
Mail sent through the company\'s website.
Poutre cannot be listed on the phone number at present-
Record Database
According to the SEC\'s order, \"There is also a problem with the potential manipulation of the company\'s shares in November 2017.
\"Crypto\'s share price climbed to $575 on Monday, compared to just $10 recently.
29. FactSet data display.
No deals or price updates were posted on Tuesday as of 2 p. m. New York time.
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