[South Korea silk fabric] South Korean silk fabric sportswear will eliminate pure cotton sportswear?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-09
[South Korean silk fabrics will dominate] In recent years, sportswear brands have been on the rise, and there are more and more types of sportswear manufacturer. The same clothes, but the price is very different. Generally, in this case, the choice of fabrics is different. After all, you get what you pay for every penny. Today, the reporter visited“Ingor ”Manufacturers of sportswear group purchases have seen differences in various fabrics. What kind of fabric is South Korean silk? At present, South Korean silk fabrics have not yet become popular in the market. The most important sportswear fabrics are polyester fabrics, which are the so-called windbreaker fabrics. So the breathability is also very good. However, the price of polyester is at a medium level. Like the team sportswear manufacturer sold by Ingor , the quality is excellent and the price is favorable. Welcome to buy. Then there are the pure cotton fabrics that people often talk about. Pure cotton products have always been sought after by people. Then, compared to South Korean silk fabrics, what are the advantages of pure cotton? Miss Liang from the production department of Ingor told reporters: Pure cotton is 100% cotton, and cotton is not the same as cotton. It is said that this kind of fabric is pure cotton, not all pure cotton is good. Generally speaking, more than 60 counts The cotton is relatively fine yarn, it is more comfortable to wear, it would be better if it has been mercerized. If it is 10 cotton, the surface of the fabric may be rough. Subsequently, the developer of the Ingor brand told South Korea that the characteristics of silk fabrics are: it is a kind of silk fabric, it is a mixture of polyester and silk, and it belongs to artificial silk. it is good. And after the computer digital heat transfer technology, the color of the product is bright, and the drape effect is very good. Very group feel. Now, South Korean silk fabric sportswear has become more and more popular in the sportswear manufacturer group buying market. Ingor provides all kinds of custom-made sportswear, and can select fabrics according to customer's requirements. It supports printing and logo printing. It is a sportswear customization expert by your side. Friends who like South Korean silk fabrics can also tell us their needs. Schedule production at your request! (Admission uniform for sports meeting)
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