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2003 four years later, the world\'s most famous sports bra has not yet been sold, auctioned or donated to the Football Hall of Fame on eBay.
It is located in a drawer in the home of Brandi Chastan, just another functional sports equipment.
Chastain said in an interview recently at home for lunch: \"When the clothes change, I wear it . \".
\"It still works, you know. It\'s not a one-time deal.
\"On July 10, 1999, she scored in a decisive penalty against China, allowing the United States to win the Women\'s World Cup final ---
The climax of a large sporting event for women.
Watched 90,185 games in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.
Another 40 million Americans watched it on TV, and Chastain took off her jersey and knelt down in an exciting victory.
\"For women around the world, it\'s a coronation moment, a moment of freedom and liberation,\" said Marlene biyoenlund, general manager of San Jose cyber ray, chastans played for the women\'s football association.
\"It got rid of all the burdens that let us down and said, \'You can\'t do that because you\'re a woman.
It was a moment when I screamed, \"Yes, I can.
\"Advertising with another women\'s World Cup will be held in the United States. 20 through Oct.
12. as Chastain is close to 35 years old, she is still the starting defender of the national team, and her celebrations continue to resonate.
The jubilant response in the advertisement became a kind of Luo Xia test.
Some people saw an ecstatic release.
Someone saw strength from the swelling of her bicep and the stripes of the abdominal muscles.
Some people see the black sports bra and a moment of excitement.
Some people see a marketing conspiracy from Nike.
\"My husband said, \'What a great, sexy body this is, \'\" said Hinda Miller, now a state senator from Vermont, as a costume designer in 1977, and a prototype from a pair of sports supporters.
\"I saw the enthusiasm outside, confident, happy, fully engaged, and not ashamed of your body, a body full of strength and exercise:\" This is me.
Accept me as I am.
\"Kneeling, overjoyed Chastan, 7 feet high and 4 feet wide, is a traveling photographic exhibition of Jane Goldman\'s book\" face of the game: what kind of female athletes look like\"
\"No picture of a female athlete in the achievement of ecstasy is convincing, and no-
The man known as Chastain, Jeffrey Biddle, editor of game face, said
The curator of the exhibition can now be seen at the Chicago Historical Society and will continue until 2006.
Sue Levin, chief executive of Lucy active wear, inc.
She said that the excitement on Chastan\'s face and the strength of the muscles showed the female athlete a stronger image than a figure skater wearing a pleated dress or an injured gymnast like Kerri strg, when she was held in her arms by her coach Bella carolay, she cried as if she was helpless, after winning a Group gold medal for the United States at 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
\"This is a wild animal.
When it comes to Chastan, Levin said: \"The image of women. \'\'She\'s a self-
The real woman who has just conquered the world.
\"After winning the World Cup, it seems unlikely that Chastain will try to promote the bra in the moment of release. She did --
But still. -
She has a costume contract with Nike, but she is very defensive and has not scored goals.
No one knows that she will take a decisive penalty.
Because she was sweating, Chastain changed her bra in midfield, she had a small Nike swoosh logo on the bra she chose in the second half, which was a bad choice for marketing
A fanatic football fan, Chastain performed a familiar ceremony-
Men and women are now banned. -
Because in a sport with few goals, they asked for too much response.
Brazil\'s west and Norway\'s Linda medron lifted their jerseys in the previous match.
Gottesman said that she chose a photo of Chastain as the cover of her book and as the center of her photography exhibition for reasons of resistance and celebration.
Goldman said that women are often talked about because of their looks rather than achievements, and their actions are accepted not just because of what they are, mentioning that Chastain\'s celebration is a recommendation about sex and marketing.
\"People seem so eager to break this moment;
\"There is almost a burst of discontent with women\'s sports,\" says Goldsman . \".
\"We want to find moments as clear and self-contained as we are now.
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Marshal Cohen, a clothing analyst, said that for fashion, Chastan provided a defining moment for the trend of women wearing interior as outfitting.
\"When she took off her shirt and said it was acceptable, she changed the rules,\" said Cohen, a senior retail analyst at market research firm NPD Group . \".
Missy Park, founder of clothing company Title 9 Sports, said Sports bras accounted for nearly half of her company\'s sales in the next fashion season, up from the usual 25 or 26%, upgrades that never happen in such categories.
Chastan sat in the kitchen, checking out photos of the celebrations she was familiar with and recalling her emotions.
The meaning of this moment has changed for her.
Over the past 10 months, her parents have died outside of the country, trying to appreciate small moments and big moments.
AD \'\'This is just one, \'\'Yes!
Said Chastan. \'\'Twenty-
It was the perfect time to play the game for a few years.
Sitting in the stands is 100 times the touch.
\"No matter where she goes, she will be asked to take off her jersey.
When the national team played in Salt Lake City in June 14, a man wore a bra and asked Chastan to sign.
Chastain, a joyful spirit nicknamed Hollywood, has always handled these moments gracefully and signed it.
\"It never made me angry,\" Chastain said . \".
\"I always try to steer it back to football: \'We have a game coming up.
Go to the stadium.
Chastan said she only received a letter criticizing her for \"ruining a perfect moment.
However, one of her teachers at Cal, sports sociologist Harry Edwards, said the presentation of bra endorsements to Chastan represented a conquest of the traditional female characters.
This amounts to endorsement of Mark mcgavi or Sammy Sousa\'s \"protective gear,\" Edwards said.
Chastain said she was angry about it and asked her what was wrong with approving a piece of sports equipment.
She notes that former pitcher Jim Palmer once endorsed underwear and that male athletes have been taking off their shirts without causing criticism.
Although she signed a variety of product endorsements worth $2 million after the World Cup, Chastain said she and LeBron James were not in the same league and signed a $90 million endorsement deal for basketball, or adu, 13. year-
It is reported that the old player who signed an agreement worth $1 million.
\"Women always have to prove themselves before they are admitted,\" Chastain said . \".
For men, it\'s like: \"You\'re being hyped up, so you must have value.
We will pay you before someone else catches you.
It has different effects on women.
If something happens, it must be ulterior motives.
\"Mary Jo Kane, a sports sociologist at the University of Minnesota, said she is not very concerned about Chastan\'s celebrations, but that public discussion will focus more on sports bras than on sports, focus more on the hearts of World Cup champions than on their underwear.
\"I am aware of my fear,\" she said . \"
Some feminists are upset about another photo, which appeared in gears magazine before the World Cup and Chastain didn\'t wear anything but football in strategic positions.
Chastain says she works hard for her sculpture body and is proud of it.
Some American track and field stars later appeared naked or seminary on the calendar.
Chastain says they belong to the generation of female athletes who think sex is an acceptable way to attract fans who will later appreciate their skills.
\"I don\'t care about the car, as long as it\'s parked in the stadium,\" Chastan said . \".
\"The athletes you see will impress you.
Kane said she does not believe that the sexiness of female athletes adds to their fan base and does not increase their appreciation of athletic abilities.
Chastan said she was only responsible for her actions.
\"Nothing I do should be rated as representing all women,\" she said . \".
\"I can only represent myself.
If I have the best intentions not to hurt anyone, not to hinder anyone\'s success or enjoyment, I cannot be held accountable for how others see or feel it.
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Sports bras can be seen all over the world.
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