Sluts and teddy bears

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-17
At the beginning of \"Pop Star\", the latest reality of WB --
On the TV show, a camera slowly shakes up a row of girls waiting patiently for the opportunity and plays several bars of songs for a panel of judges.
The girls watched the camera intently and posed in various poses. -
Wearing their tight frill pants and last season\'s snakeskin print Sling Top, from there the soft belly is revealed and the eyes are stiff with mascara ---
Hope the short moments of the film will help them move towards the girlsband stardom.
In the coming months, \"pop stars\" will take away some teenage and twenties and try to turn them into cookies --
Idol Group prototypes and other band dreams or Britney Spears or the son of fate.
The TV show is the women\'s version of the \"production band\", a semi-successful reality show last season that shows a series of fresh things
Facing five boys.
The man\'s Backstreet Boy is O-Town (
The band whose CD debuted on the charts in January23 at No. 5).
But it cost a bunch of money to make a band.
Cut the boys next door and turn them into fuzzy, obsolete plush toys, you carry 14-year-
The eldest daughter, the \"pop star\" is collecting a group of precocious sexy tarantens that are amused by men twice their age (
Any teenage boy who has had an untimely erection, inner fear)
When selling pop pablum to pre-adolescent girls.
The pop star boom in 2000 spawned a group of virgins--navel-
Reveal those days after claiming they saved themselves from getting married while the second stage was rocking
White leather, sports bra with horns and the finest belly chain.
Their arrival
The lyrics behind were bleached.
Black-haired raccoon eyes, Spears, Christina Aguilera and its kind have become fashion icons for a generation of teenage girls-
Before they\'re ready to train their bras-
The Education of information about fashion is a bit misleading.
The beautiful world according to these paintings is a place where good girls can pretend to be bad girls without having to worry about bad boys.
Although there are a lot of modern \"attitudes\" after these dirty days, their message is as old as their mother: it\'s all about making yourself a man and a girl, he will love the bells that stretch.
The ass is your ass.
Aquilera embodies this terrible lollipop aesthetic, and her Barbie hair like a strawberry is bronzed into a glow --in-the-
Dark shades and her beer and skittles
Bright tight leather with cut and brass rivets.
The most unique thing about Aquilera is her stomach, which has never been covered up ---
Even if she was low-key.
The shirt was knotted 5 inch above her navel.
She was grafted to Versace.
If her clothes were made of vinyl and polyester instead of leather and satin, she would be pure trailer garbage.
Instead, she\'s just a tallclass hooker.
But if Britney, Christina, Mya had sex with their dreams on toast, their boy-
The band went with pure milk toast.
\'N Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, their artificial homes are whitewashed more like teddy bears than men.
In the sound, there is only this fake sound, they are like the desire in the diary of the female students, low lyrics.
These people, dressed in the same costume, perform the perfect synchronized dance movements on the stage-
When in addition to the soulful 70-second quintet, the action performed by others looks more silly than sexy.
This is a strange and contradictory dichotomy:
It looks like a teenage girl and a double-Sex boy they crave.
The aesthetics of teen pop cleverly flip the adult-dominated sexual paradigm, showing teen girls a world where you can look nasty as you like, and still grab the one that will hold your hand, a good boy who speaks softly in your ear.
It is a beautiful dream that aims to avoid the dirty reality of teenage sexuality and all the messy fumbling. (
Sadly, it is so retro that it may not improve much in the moment of actual chaos. )
It\'s not a brand.
New phenomena, especially in the fine tradition of heart beating in teenagers.
As Heaven fightswop crooners (
\"Why do I have to be a teenager in love \")
Later, the Beatles broke the boy band into mainstream pop awareness and sent the teenage girl into the screaming swamp where the boy band was infected with sexual ambiguity.
From beautiful
The boys\' femininity of Sean Cassidy and Bobby Sherman gave Prince and Michael Jackson double-sex, wearing crumpled shirts, velvet and carved faces, the object of teenage women\'s desires is often the opposite of their sexy women.
But the simultaneous rise of \'N Sync, Backstreet Boy and all sorts of leading actress nymphets, elevated the dichotomy to an aesthetic art form, with the template much narrower, and now, this formula not only dominates MTV, it also dominates radio waves, TV Christmas specials and Rolling Stone covers.
If teen pop is a religion, then MTV\'s popular video show \"Total Request Live \"(
It is only called \"TRL\" by its sycophants \")
It is its temple, and Carson Daley, owner of the koala bear, and Tara Reid, his Tati girlfriend, are foam --gum priests.
Lou pilman is the super-lazy man behind the band \"n Sync\", the Backstreet Boy and 5, the high priest.
The latest Pearson band, O-
The town has publicly revealed the cunning formula behind the popular aesthetics of young people.
Last season\'s \"production band\" recorded pilsmann\'s attempt to make another male mannequin that sang and danced, capturing the cellophane structure behind the boy band, where they showed themselves on MTV.
After searching across the country for five boys who could play music while splitting the fork, Pullman assembled a clean-
Soft white and Latino cut series
It looks like a boy, and all the pink cheeks and crew were cut with a peroxided tip.
Like Backstreet Boys and \'N Sync, there is a lovely blonde man, a man with curly hair, a dark man with a big dimples, a man with funny facial hair, but really sensitive.
Pilsmann kept them in a small apartment and forced these teenagers and their twenties to share their bedrooms (
Hey, there\'s less chance of illegal sex. -
At least with the opposite sex)
And banned them from staying outside after midnight.
He was dressed in a coordinated red and silver \"carnival\" costume and spoon --Give them sugary food.
Sweet lyrics, like \"Will I cross the ocean in order to hold you ? \". . .
Will I give up all the things that see you smile ? \" Then he put them in a concert hall full of 12 people. year-
The old girls screamed their lungs with due diligence and reached a collective climax in all the scrubbing stimuli --
Clean testosterone
Robert Thompson, founder of the Institute of pop culture at Syracuse University, described the resulting boy --
Band product: \"This is the ultimate dream ---
A man without a threat but full of dreams
Dress these guys together and make them look like fuzzy little pets instead of the one who might slip in your drink.
\"For example, how about sexual threats, one can consider a group of men who appear at the American Music Awards in coordinated windbreaker, a group of boys who have never caught their spots, instead, wear a wool hat on bleach.
Blonde hair and shiny T-
Shirts because they coordinate their reality
Blue loves your man, when dating pop star days in cowboy patchwork ball dress, they wear a matching denim patchwork suit with distressed clothes
Cowboy hat how very willing doll.
Even if they tried something cool-
Backstreet Boys seem to be fighting with their latest simulation --bad-boy makeover --
It seems to be mainly about adding a few inches of hair to make them wash less and wear a little bit more black leather. (
Of course, the black leather is very coordinated. )
As Thompson said, the boy band is \"porn and sexy, but like that, the gentle boy you know, doesn\'t hurt you when you decide to lose your virginity to him.
\"In comparison to Spears, wearing a black lace dress with a fork, looking like a crazy streaker,\" stronger \"through her new video, he has a disturbing habit, rip off her dress at the music awards show and show two strategically placed bands --
Cut AIDS from someone\'s curtains.
Or take a look at the video of Come Baby, featuring Aquilera\'s young chest, wrapped in a yellow jumpsuit that unzips the zipper and a matching yellow lace branaked man.
Like their previous generations of fans, the girls are also happy to imitate their star and heroine.
As the \"pop star\" draw shows, these days for aspiring stars, sexy looks are simply redundant.
Perhaps it was the afterfire of the same car that prompted 1960 teenagers to comb their hair and imitate a small round strip with white lipstick, which they tied to nylon in the 1980 s, fold on the arm with a rubber bracelet, and this is Madonna.
But the messages these days are more contradictory to mixing together.
While Madonna\'s lyrics match her looks-
She\'s obviously not a virgin. -
These days, we got young pop stars who jumped proudly-
Started their career at the Mickey Mouse Club and, despite the inspiration of the lyrics, still sang safely but who abandoned the good --
Girls seem to prefer breast implants and Leka.
Their length is cleaner than Pamela Anderson\'s Playboy sexual fantasies, but the message is that they are good girls, virgins, and happen to be role models for trendy chicks and big fans of God.
No wonder their audience is made up of girls. -
Their cartoon orientation, they (
And imitate their fans)
The teenage boys, who may be paralyzed by sexual anxiety, are still secretly preoccupied with the statue of their World Wrestling Federation.
Contemporary teen pop stars simply put the current spirit of the times and WWJD (
What will Jesus do)
Chastity is combined with feminism and the most striking offensive fashion.
In this sexy, over-mature new millennium, it\'s no wonder that a teenage girl will fantasize about being able to dress like an attractive prostitute without having to be like a prostitute ---
After all, this is the third positive message --
In the past decade, Inspur feminism has cleverly promoted to the younger generation: you, like Britney Spears, can wear leather and lace and apply with mascara
Stuffed eyelashes like adults and ended up with a safe boy like Justin Timberlake (the most-
Favs is said to be dating a favorite \'N Sync member).
Like all teenage girls who want to \"trade ---
Half a decade older than they actually are. -
The girls now seem to want to snap themselves up like Spears to test the supposed power of their new breasts that bloom.
Of course, this is just a pre-adolescent fantasy world. Third-
Wave feminists may argue that girls should take over their sexuality and attack themselves if they feel good: the breasts are strong;
Take advantage of you.
But the Woodstock rape and Central Park attacks of the past few years make it clear that despite the sexual liberation of women\'s fashion, Aguilera looks-alikes in hip-
Hugs and sports bras may still be more watched by bad boys than Justin Timberlake.
That\'s the shame of all this: there\'s really nothing new in the message that teen pop sends about teen sex.
Of course, that slutty idea.
Beautiful girls can get beautiful boys may be a step forward.
At least it says women should not be victims because of their appearance.
But Spears gave up halfway.
The nudity surrounded by men also reinforces the traditional idea that it is still to attract the dream boy with your appearance, not the high self
Respect or be good at physics.
These days, it\'s about prostitutes who look like boys while still good people
Girl virgin old for dad trad and mom-
Women\'s Library of schools.
Of course, when the girls lose that coveted virginity, the boy band and the screaming band and the look of Britney Spears --
Similar matches have become the past.
The shelf life of the band\'s population structure ended around the age of 15, when the girls began to hide their virginity commitments and get involved in oral sex.
Maybe it\'s a mix of information from Spears and others.
A perfect soundtrack for adolescence-
Lyrics, beats and dressing
Dress up for the fate of a chaotic creature.
If art is to imitate life, what is adolescence? If it is not a loud noise of irritation and familiarity, sexy costumes and hormonal chaos, then the insane sensory burden of virgins/Prostitutes Mayand rightfully)
It is remembered by popular culture.
If Britney, Justin and Christine confuse the little girl, maybe it\'s just training for the real thing, baby. baby.
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