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ski body to change rules after underwear flap

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-31
The president of the International Ski Federation has called for a change of rules to clarify what competition suits athletes can wear after Tina Maze\'s controversial underwear has sparked controversy.
\"We have to change our rules,\" Ji \'an Franco Casper said Tuesday . \".
\"It must be very clear --if (underwear)
It is plastic, it is forbidden. ”Maze’s one-
After a protest by the Swiss ski federation, a pair of long underpants sparked a debate.
Claiming it gave her an aerodynamic advantage.
On the podium of the World Cup Super Cup
On January, the G competition was held in klekleinkirchheim, Austria. 8.
The international financial institution confiscated the maze of underwear, but later said that the garment had passed the permeability test.
Nonetheless, the FIS recommends that the racer not wear it because it may contain plastic parts that prevent the body from breathing.
The ban on such clothing \"is a health protection issue for athletes,\" Kasper said, arguing that the current rules leave too much room for explanation.
\"It\'s really open because the air penetration rate is there, but some parts can be a little spoiled,\" the chairman of the financial institution said . \".
The Swiss protested that the plastic content in the clothing exceeded the rules of the FIS, giving the maze an aerodynamic advantage.
\"It\'s very clear to us,\" Kasper said . \".
\"If this is the real pulp of underwear --
Not in the case of a maze, but from now on-
There is no doubt that we will be disqualified immediately.
Kasper criticized the ambiguity of the statement issued by financial institutions last weekend on the issue.
\"It is not the best to say that this communication is not prohibited, but not to use it,\" he said . \".
The focus of this debate is entirely on the maze, but according to Kasper, \"There are obviously four teams wearing the same underwear.
Maze came third in the Premier League last Sunday, expressing her feelings about the problem.
G in campezzo, Italy.
In front of the TV camera, she takes off the top of her ski suit and displays her sports bra, which says, \"it\'s none of your business.
Kasper said he was not very impressed with the whole underwear discussion.
\"I think it\'s a kindergarten, nothing else, and I\'m surprised by the appearance of this protest,\" he said . \".
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