Shouldn\'t Ajay Devgan be wearing a bra?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-10
I can\'t stand it anymore. I can\'t.
No matter which direction I go, the breasts of Ajay Devgan can\'t escape.
I happen to live in a diverse neighborhood, and this diversity chose the form of Godzilla to pay tribute to them --size cut-
Coming out of a man, I can\'t go out or go home every time without being laughed at for half an hour
Naked white Jiro Sinham
If scowler put on his clothes, scowler itself would be more effective.
But as it happens, I was distracted by Ajay Devgan\'s bare, hair-free dark brown breasts whose dark brown breasts were smart, upright
Round nipples that look like bonsai cherries.
I was talking to my friend about Devgan\'s nipples when I passed through that reuse area this morning, and she interrupted me and said he didn\'t have to expose the nipples in public.
\"Why\" I fought back.
\"What\'s wrong with a man showing his nipples? after all, he\'s a man, not a woman.
Besides, his nipples are very manly. Look closely! \"\"Chee!
\"She said, covering her eyes, even though she had seen what she was going to see at that time.
I think all the nipples
Whether it\'s a man or a woman.
Should always be covered.
\"You sound like the Taliban,\" I said . \".
\"If you don\'t want to see a man\'s nipples, no one is forcing you to do so.
But you have no right to deprive Ajay Devgan of the right to show the world the nipples.
This is about the right to freedom of speech.
\"She doesn\'t have an answer to that, and I know I \'ve won the argument as usual. But I digress —
The debate here is not about Devgan\'s nipples, but about his breasts themselves.
I mean, look at them.
In fact, do they look like pecs from any angle? Traditionally, a person\'s pecs should be hard, angular, yes, well-defined.
Look at Brad Pitt.
Or, as far as this is concerned, Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor.
But Devgan\'s assets look like compressed idlis dipped in pine fat.
If Sumo is sitting on the chest of Harley Berry, you will get these.
Or Beyonce had a breast reduction surgery and the surgeon messed up.
Considering that his chest is more appealing to the female profile than the male musclesits desert-
Like, having no hair at all doesn\'t help his career at all.
I was wondering why the costume director didn\'t let Devgan wear a bra so that people like my friend wouldn\'t be offended.
Also, what better way to balance the type a character of the super macho police character than pink (or maybe black)
Lace bra to prevent evil eyes on nipples.
As for the film itself, I admit I haven\'t seen it yet.
But I did see the promo once and I must admit I was stumped by it.
At the end of the trailer, Ajay Devgan said something that sounded like \"Jisme hai dum in order to get Bajirao Sinhgam established.
\"What does it mean to assume that the\" stupid \"person in this case is Sinham? Is he telling himself to commit suicide? I would love to know what made him so angry that he was very angry and prepared to consider such extreme measures.
I hope not those breasts.
After all, they are his own.
Or maybe I\'m missing something here.
Guess the movie is the only way to find out the answer. Clever trailer.
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