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shop for breast cancer patients helps customers heal

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-19
For breast cancer patients, mastectomy is often a traumatic and emotional experience.
Even a seemingly small task after surgery-
Just like finding the right accessorysurgical bra --
It may be difficult.
That\'s how Chris Wilhite came in.
Breast cancer survivors beat the disease 15 years ago and now run a \"friends to friends\" store in San Francisco ---
A store specializing in the service of breast cancer survivors at different stages of recovery.
Wigs and scarves can be purchased for chemotherapy patients.
After the operation, comfortable underwear can be found here.
Low awareness of breast cancer-
The study found that Facebook banned breast cancer advertising, and the new proposal called for a reduction in the frequency of breast X-rays, early birds or night owls?
\"I believe you didn\'t see this design 20 years ago,\" Wilhite said, pointing to the mastectomy bra . \".
They are women.
\"The store will not sacrifice style for comfort ---
Shoppers can still find their favorite lace look-
But Wilhite told CBS News that it does emphasize soft, supportive, breathable fabrics with no wires, which are necessary for the comfort of customers.
For a mastectomy bra, the fastener should be in the front with a prosthetic limb or a soft pocket, she explained.
Some patients may choose a sports bra with these key components.
Chris Wilhite, manager of the \"friends to friends\" store in San Francisco, showed off a breast resection bra designed for women after breast cancer surgery.
CBS News breast cancer specialist
Laura Esserman, director of the University of California San Francisco Breast Cancer Center, said it was an emotional moment for patients and she suggested buying bras before surgery.
\"People feel like their whole body is being invaded, so there\'s something soft and comfortable [can]
\"Just make it easy for you to get through it,\" she said . \".
\"Sometimes small things make a big difference.
\"Wilhite also recommends looking for a supportive place to shop.
\"It is very important for women to come in and chat and buy things for themselves,\" she said . \".
Like treatment.
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