Shenzhen customer processing women's underwear to find ingor knitting is because......

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-18
Shenzhen, everyone is familiar with it, a large number of manufacturers are accumulated in Shenzhen, and there are also many Shenzhen underwear factories. Many customers who need to process women's underwear will find some Shenzhen underwear factories, but have you heard of it? The customer in Shenzhen needed to process women's underwear but found Guangzhou, and found ingorsports. It turned out that all this was because...

With the development of online marketing channels of Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports, more and more customers need to process women's underwear and find us ingorsports. In the morning, the Baidu Business Bridge on the official website of ingorsports flashed, indicating that a customer was browsing our website. The customer service of ingorsports could clearly see through the background that it was an IP far away from Shenzhen. The customer service sent a dialogue invitation in time. He came to consult and said that he is a Shenzhen trading company, mainly engaged in the trade of women's underwear and apparel. He just has a batch of customer orders in his hand. He is looking for a manufacturer and asks if we can do it. I want to know the strength and scale of our underwear factory.

ingorsports customer service asked the customer to send a sample picture to see that it was a seamless underwear series. The customer also told ingorsports that this batch of orders was exported to the US market. We are very confident to tell our customers that we can do seamless underwear series like the picture, we can do ingorsports, and we also have similar styles. If you want the customer's contact information, you can communicate directly by phone.

Through in-depth communication and understanding, it turned out that the customer used to mainly sell traditional seamed underwear, and he also knew more about it. He has also been looking for some underwear factories in Shenzhen for production and processing. This time, the customer requested to process a batch of seamless women's underwear. The customer did not know much about the seamless underwear process. He took his customer samples to find the original Shenzhen underwear factory. The original Shenzhen underwear factory could not process it because the production process and practice were different. . The original Shenzhen clothing manufacturer suggested that he can find Guangzhou underwear factory, because the Guangzhou technology for processing seamless underwear is relatively mature. He searched the Internet with the attitude of trying it out, and found us ingorsports. He learned from the Internet that we are good in terms of size and strength.

In order to let customers have a deeper understanding of Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports, we sent a few live videos of our ingorsports underwear factory to the customer. The customer saw it and was very satisfied. The strength and scale of ingorsports underwear factory is no less than that of some Shenzhen underwear factories. He also said that he has also visited many Shenzhen underwear factories, and the scenes reflected in our ingorsports video are really standard. …

Seamless women's underwear processing Come to Guangzhou, come to ingorsports, let you feel at home with the service, really let you rest assured, worry-free underwear manufacturer!

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