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Several common fabrics do yoga clothing

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-05-11
Mention yoga clothing of choose and buy, some people may pay attention to style, some people pay more attention to the fabric, but in terms of style, small make up feel comfortable, natural, and shall not affect the practice of yoga, such as when the choose and buy should consider some large stretch of yoga, it is ok, but more should pay attention to the choice of fabric, small make up have written before & other; Customized yoga suits to choose what fabric good & throughout; This article, but did not do a detailed introduction of the properties of fabrics and extension, below small make up to introduce several common fabrics do yoga clothing? 1, viscose, is short for viscose fiber, also known as rayon, viscose filament, with cotton or other natural fiber as raw material to produce the cellulose fibre, with basic properties of natural fiber, the dyeing performance is good, good color fastness, soft fabric, than major, good draping, hygroscopicity good, wear cool, not easy to produce static electricity, fuzz and pilling. 2, polyester, belong to polyester fiber, has good elasticity and resilience, fabrics is crisp, not wrinkle, conformal sex good, high strength, flexibility, nice, long durability and good light resistance, but easy to produce static and dust collection poor hygroscopicity. Three, nylon, polyamide fiber, also is the so-called nylon, dyeing is better in synthetic fibre, wearing a light, and has a good waterproof windproof performance, high abrasion resistance, strength, elasticity is very good. 4, spandex, good elasticity, also known as elastic fiber, also known as lycra, good elasticity, the fabric feel is smooth, hygroscopicity, good climate resistance and chemical resistance, machine washable, heat resistance is poor. Usually mixed with other fabrics ingredients, making yoga suit more resilient, common mixed with nylon. 5, linen: is a kind of plant fiber, has been hailed as a cool high fiber, its hygroscopicity good, put wet too fast, not easy to produce static heat conduction, heat quickly, in cool, don't close after sweating, washable, good heat resistance. Indian yoga clothes over there are commonly use this kind of fabrics, only a small fraction of the domestic practice yoga in this fabric. 6, tencel, is a kind of environmental protection fiber, in the purification of spinning process, with high-tech craft, protect natural fiber all the features, its absorption capability is strong, the fabric drape, silky smooth, dyed bright characteristics. Repeated washing, the sun does not lose many health care function, not easy pilling. 7, spun rayon, is commonly known as the staple fibre, cotton type main varieties of natural high molecular compound such as cellulose or protein in spinning through chemical processing of materials such as cotton viscose staple fiber. The specifications are similar to those of cotton fiber. Is characterized by good dyeability, vividness and high color fastness, wearing comfortable, dilute alkali resistance, moisture absorption and cotton. Defect is not acid, resilience and low moisture poor fatigue resistance and mechanical strength. Can be pure spinning, chemical fiber blended with polyester, etc.
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