sequined sneakers and ‘millennial pink’: 5 back-to-school trends to watch

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-24
There are still a few weeks left to study, but many Americans have already started their lives. to-
School shopping, according to the National Retail Federation.
Their shopping list is longer this yearand glitzier —
Than in the past few years.
\"Families are now in a state of mind and they have more confidence in the economy,\" said Matthew Shea, president and chief executive of the group . \".
\"As employment levels rise and wages continue to rise, consumer spending is increasing and we are optimistic that they will continue to do so.
Families with schools
Older children spend an average of $688 per child, while college students spend much more.
According to a Deloitte survey, college students plan to spend $1,051 this year, and parents say they will spend an average of $1,347 on college supplies. Overall back-to-
School spending is expected to grow by 10% to $83.
6 billion, according to NRF.
Where did all the money go?
Nearly half of shoppers say they are going to buy a laptop, and about one
The third is the tablet.
But that\'s not all: spending on shoes and school supplies is expected to increase as Americans look for light
Sneakers, shiny notebooks and emojis
Pencil case with Shell.
Here, retailers and analysts are weighing the biggest trends of the season. 1. Tech-
Y clothing: shorts, jeans, hoodie and even school uniform are being reconfigured to fit the phone and tablet.
Meanwhile, retailers like Vera BradleyL.
Beans and heel Supply Company
Laptop computer launched
Friendly backpack with cord compartment and headphone port.
\"It\'s actually about the features that penetrate into fashion,\" said Trae Bodge, a shopping analyst . \".
\"Young children go to school with their mobile phones and laptops. ”2.
Millennium Pinke: it this year-
The color is \"ironic pink,\" Boch said \".
There are Salmon shadows everywhere.
On clothes, sofas and ceilings
Now retailers say they are taking over school supplies.
\"This is definitely a big trend this year,\" said Petter Knutrud, head of merchandise sales at Office Depot . \".
\"Notebook, pencil, folder, eraser.
We see it in multiple departments and designs.
Bodge added that she also expects it to become a popular color tone for girls\' clothing and hair dye in the coming year.
\"The biggest feature of millennial pink is that it\'s not very girlish,\" she said . \".
\"This is not a classic bubble --
Many girls carry pink gum on their backs. ”3. Video-game-
Friendly laptops: Students are increasingly \"learning during the day, playing games at night \"--
Knutrudsaid said he wanted a laptop that could do that.
This year, the chain is storing lightweight laptops for its stores that can be dragged from class to class and then used for high
Video games at night.
\"In the past, you needed a clunky laptop to play games,\" Knutrud said . \".
\"Now you can do everything in one day --
Acceptable equipment”4.
Gorgeous sneakers: This year\'s sneakers are filled with neon colors, sequins, pom poms and flashing lights.
\"Children have limited ways to express their personality,\" Bodge said . \".
\"This is the source of bright and exciting sneakers.
An example: the flashing toe line of skechers, including light
Neon covered up sneakers
Colorful Cats, dazzling emoticons, metal sequins, and rainbow-colored unicorns.
Some people also have fluorescent sticks, rhinestones and three
Dimension flower.
Executives are counting on flashlights at Wal-Mart, a high
Sports shoes light
The sole is up and is expected to reach $25 million on the backto-school sales.
Steve Bratspies, Wal-Mart\'s chief sales officer, said earlier this summer: \"This is a big trend for us to bet this year . \". 5.
Accessories . . . . . . Everything: it\'s not just sports shoes that get overthe-
The biggest cosmetic surgery this year.
Retailers say
Like pom poms, stickers and emoji icons, they are moving forward from notepad to everything in pencil case.
\"How do you make the daily necessities you use more\" you \"?
This is the biggest problem this year, \"said Knutrud.
\"Notebooks are no longer ordinary notebooks.
There must be a small fight-dads.
To this end, he said that Office Depot has begun to add special displays of accessories --
Key chain, pendant, pencil, donutRubber in shape
The whole store.
For high school students who want to tidy up a dirty locker: This year\'s products include handmade, light-
All the mirrors and carpets were made to fit in a standard locker.
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