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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-16
In honor of Song Fei-
Over the next couple of weeks we have had a reunion in curbing your enthusiasm, and we thought it was fun to watch the old show rally of the show
Check out Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer\'s work strategies, as well as some of the recurring characters on the show.
There are many reports about their personal lives (and off)
But what about their careers?
We ask Tory Johnson to give us her input on the lessons we can learn.
Tory is the CEO of \"hire women\" and the author of \"Get Fired to hire.
You can also find her in Good Morning America, who is a contributor to the workplace and follow her on Twitter.
Photo source: Song Fei.
Whether in real life or on the show, Jerry has the most stable job.
He\'s a successful man.
The comedian and eventually made the success a television show.
Lesson: \"Everyone can learn from Jerry\'s success: It comes not only from doing what he is good at, but more importantly, from what he really loves.
Even if you don\'t need it, what do you think outside of your working hours?
This is what you should build your career. -
Like Jerry, combine your strengths with your passion.
Comedy is what he is good at and what he likes. -
Powerful combination.
Photo source: Song Fei.
For most of the show, Elaine works as a writer and editor in the publishing world.
But later, when she was looking for a job, she met the owner of a clothing company on the street and found a position from it.
Lesson: \"leave your house.
The most serious mistake job seekers make today is to hide behind the computer in order to find a job.
Open to those casual encounters.
Not every meaningful encounter must be in oh-so-
Official networking activities.
Play with your children in the park, go to the grocery store for shopping, and attend the Barnes & Noble books signed by an interesting author ----
If you are willing to accept the various possibilities, all simple activities will allow you to introduce to the next employer.
Photo source: Song Fei.
ComHe has never worked, except for the short time he worked at the bagels after years of alleged strikes.
Instead of a stable job, he gets rich quickly.
In one episode, he hired Cuban immigrants to make cigars, only to find that they were actually Dominican. LESSON: “Yikes!
Worrying about how you pay your rent every month is disturbing.
This way of life is not for everyone.
One thing we see in this economy, however, is that among the determined people who don\'t have a job, we are willing to play everywhere.
From odd jobs to Freelancer projects, I\'m happy with people who are not shy at all to figure out how to get through it.
Photo source: Song Fei.
ComHe jumps from job to job, holds a position in the real estate field, works with Yankee, and pretends to be an architect and marine biologist at other times.
For a long time in the performance, he also did not work.
In one episode, he even formed a company (
Extra credit if you can name it)
He was interviewed to keep his unemployment benefits.
Lesson: \"It\'s hard to feel good about lying, but it\'s also silly for the state unemployment office to ask for this paperwork. As for job-
Jumping: it\'s always a dangerous signal for employers to question why you are not satisfied in one place for a long time.
But in the younger generation, it\'s not uncommon to go where the best chance is to take you ---
Free player mentality-
Especially after seeing parents and grandparents pink.
Despite their loyalty to their employers, they fell.
So, while the work from cradle to grave is completely out of date, running around will eventually catch up with you in a way that isn\'t very good.
Have a strategy in your actions.
Photo source: Song Fei.
Like Jerry, Newman has been hired as a postman.
The difference is that Newman doesn\'t like his job.
He often complains about the mail.
This involved him in several of Kramer\'s plans to get rich quickly.
Nevertheless, he never resigned.
Lesson: \"No one likes to stick to the jobs they hate, but there is a lot to say about a stable salary.
One important reason we work is money. -
Despite his pain (
Things I don\'t envy)
In this economy, assuming you can give up finding greener pastures elsewhere, it\'s easier said than done.
Stick to your work, keep your performance strong, and use the side show as your source of fun!
Photo source: Song Fei.
ComHe angered customers who came to buy soup from him, but his product was very good and people kept coming back (
That is, until he has completely banned them from leaving his store).
Lesson: \"I hate rewarding bad service. No product --
Not $5 soup or $2,500 Gucci bag-
It is worth letting yourself suffer this kind of torture.
I would love to see the soup of the day between the Nazis and Tony Xie [CEO of Zappos. com]
Who would show him one or two things about why some TLC was sprinkled around his shop.
This will greatly increase his sales.
Photo source: Song Fei.
ComHe is the owner of Pendant Publishing until he leaves after the big merger.
He eventually opened a shop that only sold the top muffin (Elaine’s idea).
Lesson: \"If I had to choose today, I would go to the muffin shop at once instead of the publishing shop.
This will be the new cupcake and it will perform well no matter what the economy is (
Unfortunately, unlike Publishing).
Starting a business is risk-
Nothing is for sure, except maybe people still buy baked goods, even if they only have the last few bucks left, to get rich faster with a business than being an employee.
If you can\'t be hired now, go ahead and hire yourself.
However, the service business is cheaper than the product or storefront.
Photo source: Song Fei.
ComHe was a chef in the army, but retired at the beginning of the show.
However, he did retire briefly to invent his brother (
Bra for men)with Kramer.
Lesson: \"Too many retirees in this economy can\'t even remember to retire.
They have taken theirdwindling 401(k)
To avoid losing their home.
So it\'s not a bad idea to continue working in some capacity.
I will not put my life savings on a man\'s bra;
Maybe those muffins are a better idea.
I have helped many retirees find positions related to customer service.
It brings some cash and makes them feel energetic.
And they\'re more patient and loyal. -
Thus providing better services than many young peers.
Photo source: Song Fei.
As the other owner of Elaine, Peter man is a gorgeous jet.
Successful entrepreneurs like him are crazy.
He has a very profitable self.
Called clothing company
Lesson: \"Every truly successful entrepreneur has a crazy gene ---
Maybe it\'s not always the case for a boss or executive of a company employee.
But when you really own this store and you build it from scratch, it\'s a healthy madness to mix cash, blood, sweat and tears.
All in secret sauce.
Photo source: Song Fei.
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