season 5: who should hook up with who?

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-25
AngelaThis absolute is clearly a contender for the Nick ville Bachelor season.
You don\'t remember her because she came home the first night.
She\'s 28 years old.
List \"mean me\" and \"notebook\" as the old model of her favorite movie.
Obviously, she should give her rose to Jordan because he is also a model.
But she may also find Nick\'s success from the current single season, because we also don\'t know who he is.
Annalieshe is 32 years old this year-
Old event designer who can\'t live without avocado, you know she\'s the girl of little ally luendick
This season is really struggling with the childhood trauma of dogs and bumper cars.
She should have given her rose to John, the founder of Venmo.
He and all his money will certainly comfort her and all her wounds.
Or maybe it\'s David, because they\'re all dressed in a limo, but we also have a strange feeling that she\'s going to chase Joe, even though Jen sent him home the first night, but become the owner of the star grocery store.
We remember Astrid, but we don\'t.
She\'s 27 years old.
The old plastic surgery office manager, her most memorable moment was on a track and field appointment, when she really regretted not wearing a sports bra that was more supportive of her, and then before winning, her hand was almost crushed by Rachel Lindsay. . .
Spend time with Nick Viall in the hot tub. . .
She also wears sports bras and leggings.
She should give her rose to someone with athletic ability. (
Did we say that because she won the sports match? )
Maybe Kenny or Kevin, though she may have to try to stick to it long enough for some of the players in the Bekaa season to start showing up.
Biianbibiana quickly became a star during Arie\'s season and even jumped straight to the single winter competition.
There, 30 years.
Before Kevin Canada lost to Ashley econetti, she had a short relationship with him and then went to Jordan, a New Zealander.
She should have given Kevin her rose and maybe Ashley has left now
Engagement, in the Bachelor of Heaven)
, Maybe it\'s time for Kevin and Bibiana to try again, and Ashley\'s tears didn\'t stop.
Oddly enough, we also want Chris/Eddie of friends this season to show up, he and bibiiana both crashed because they didn\'t have time, but she handled it better, maybe she can teach him one or two things about not being a jerk.
Chelsea are 29 years-
Rose, the old mother who won Ali\'s first impression, is such a mother.
She just wanted to be taken to France where all her childhood fairy tales seemed to be happening.
As a mother of course is part of her single status, we can\'t imagine how much this will change.
She should give her rose to Kenny so they can be parents and maybe he can take her to France.
David, we don\'t know anything about David, except that he hates Jordan and knows a lot of Dick pun.
Is 25 years enough?
Old venture capital companies stick to bachelor life in heaven, which may actually depend on how long Jordan can last.
He should have given Kendall his rose.
They watched this week\'s episode together, according to her Instagram story, so it was a bit of a scam, but obviously they got along well!
We can also see that he succeeded with her at the bumper aliese, the bumper car sad story. 30 years-
The old personal trainer did not find the success of Rachel Lindsay at the singles party, nor did he find anyone\'s success at the Winter Olympics, but we had high hopes for him in heaven.
He should have given his rose to kristar.
They all love spirituality and fitness so much that we can see that they all thrive on the beach, especially when krydges don\'t compete with people like Arie.
But no matter what happens, we hope he can find someone who is good to him.
JoeListen Joe, the owner of the grocery store, is already the star of the season.
On a season night in Bekaa, we met him for two seconds and then she sent him home rudely, but he has been in our hearts since then.
He only deserves the best, but we think his mysterious and friendly nature will attract a lot of roses.
He should give his Rose: Is there anyone good enough for Trader Joe that we really don\'t know the answer (
Because we don\'t know much about trader Joe)
But maybe it\'s Tia, and we do worry that Tia is a bit caught up with current single player Colton, but maybe Tia and Joe are the perfect pair if he continues to be with Rebecca.
When we think of the perfect single woman
Go with the perfect Joe we created completely in our minds)
I think of Xia \'an.
But will Xia come to this paradise to be seen.
JohnHe helped find Venmo!
He\'s rich! This 28 year-
The old software engineer won the lumberjack appointment, which is what we know about him, in addition to the fact that he also likes to make banana bread.
He should have given his rose to annaris. Or Nysha.
To be honest, we just lost our intuition about it.
Jordan, Jordan.
The crazy male model.
Liners got kicked out of the list of single women this week, but we believe he has a chance to find love in heaven. Maybe.
He should have given his rose to Angela.
She\'s a model too!
But we would also like to see the conversation between Jordan and Chris Tal.
KendallKendall was originally the weird specimen making girl of the Arie season, and slowly, we all walked through the dead animals and loved this quirky 27 years --
Still, the old creative director.
However, what she needs is someone who can love Kendall and her dead animals.
She should have given the rose to her single woman, David. watching buddy.
They both put up with it twice. on-one, after all.
But we can also see that she is interested in Kevin Canada.
Sweet King Kenny. The 36 year-
The old wrest hand left Rachel\'s season and returned to his daughter, which is obviously a very important relationship for him.
He should send his roses to Chelsea so they can unite as parents.
But we can see Kenny getting along with a lot of people in heaven, so we have high hopes for him!
Earlier this year, Americans only met Kevin of Canada at the Winter Olympics, but he caused a stir.
He first let Biana and Ashley fight/cry for him and then leave the show with Ashley.
This is coming to an end soon for Ashley\'s long term
Jared Haibon, so Kevin is a single man!
He should have given his roses: there is no doubt that a somewhat exotic Kevin will have multiple women after him, but we think he should try again with bibibiana, or go to someone who is more unknown and mysterious, like Astrid, Angela, or Nysha.
Christo, Christo.
During Arie\'s single season, the sultry fitness coach became a scoundrel and eventually he collapsed and even called him \"needlework\"-
In the unbroadcast footage.
The competitive environment is not important to her, just as we are pretty sure that Arie is not suitable for her.
She should give the rose to Eric.
They all love fitness, they all love spirituality, they may be good for each other in a strange way.
It was only a few weeks ago that Vic was eliminated from the season in Bekaa and we don\'t remember who he was, but apparently he\'s 27 years old.
Like sportswear, the old lawyer who claims to be a weekend fighter.
We have a lot of ideas about this, and most notably, there is not much need for sportswear on the beach.
He should give his rose to another unknown person, such as Angela or Nisha.
Does Astrid like sportswear? Does anyone like sportswear? Trackshanysha was sent home by arie on the first night, so we don\'t know much about her except she\'s 30
Old orthopedic nurses who love women like Mulan and Olivia Pope.
It sounds like we can be her friends, but we don\'t know anything else!
She should have given her rose to Nick, another unknown person, but only for this reason. . . tracksuits.
Nor will we blame her for her high gaze.
Look for Joe, girl! Or John! Or Eric!
TiaTia appeared to be the single woman\'s frontrunner after Arie\'s season, until he cruelly dumped riot and made sure she became the next star. The 26 year-
This season, the old physical therapist caused some buzz by dating Colton andwood before he went to fight for the heart of Bekaa.
She should give her roses to: anyone who can hold her on long enough to see if Colton will show up.
If he doesn\'t, we\'ll watch Joe and Tiya give things a chance.
\"Bachelor of Heaven\" will be premiered at 8: 00 on Tuesday, August 7. m. on ABC.
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