Seamless underwear processing online quotation should understand these 7 points

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-13
Today is the era of the Internet, seamless underwear processing customers looking for manufacturers will search on the Internet, compare, and then ask the price of seamless underwear processing! For online inquiries, how should seamless underwear manufacturers quote?

ingorsports has been a seamless underwear manufacturer for 17 years. In recent years, with the decrease in the number of customers in the trade city, the seamless underwear manufacturer Wang also realized that the channels for customers to process seamless underwear to seek manufacturers have changed. As the application of the Internet is more and more recognized by seamless underwear manufacturers, ingorsports began to touch the Internet as early as 2012! More and more customers find ingorsports seamless underwear factory through the Internet. Usually, after consulting a general understanding of our seamless underwear factory, customers will send a seamless underwear product and ask for a quotation! Usually the customer service of the underwear factory asks the customer about the material, size, chest pad, packaging, whether it is hot stamped, several colors, the number of single-color single-size, etc. used by customers for seamless underwear!

These are some of the most basic parameter requirements for the quotation of seamless underwear processing. The quotation for seamless underwear processing is mainly related to material, size, chest pad, packaging, whether it is hot stamped, several colors, single color single code quantity, Processing fees, accessories and profits of seamless underwear factories.

For example, the material used in the processing of seamless underwear is actually the main factor that directly affects the processing of seamless underwear. Because seamless underwear is directly transferred to the finished garment through yarn, the labor cost is relatively low, and there are as many as dozens of materials in the seamless underwear factory ingorsports at present. Different materials have different prices. . Nowadays, most seamless underwear materials are blended. Different materials are mixed together to achieve the effect required by customers. Then the ratio of these materials is different, and the processing price of seamless underwear is also different.

For example, the zipper used in the production and processing of a set of sports jackets is cheap and has a few cents of plastic, and it will break after a few uses. The good thing is that the zippers that we usually use in ingorsports are 4 to 5 yuan, which can guarantee that the zipper will not be damaged after more than 2000 times of use.

For example, the number of seamless underwear processed, because seamless underwear is programmed by computer, and then directly woven into finished clothes from yarn through knitting machine, it needs to go through a lot of debugging in the early stage, resulting in a certain amount of loss. Part of the loss is inevitable. After a quantity is debugged, it can be easily produced in large quantities. If the number of processing is too small, the loss rate will naturally be high. Usually, the minimum quantity of production and processing in the seamless underwear factory ingorsports is also required to start from 500 single-color single-size pieces.

Customers find a manufacturer for seamless underwear processing. If they want to make a quotation, they should also understand that even if it is material, size, chest pad, packaging, whether it is hot stamping, several colors, and the quantity of single color and single code to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will give it to the manufacturer in advance. The quotation is also a large-scale calculation price, and the final accurate price must be calculated after proofing by the seamless underwear factory.

Therefore, according to the suggestion of ingorsports, the customer finds our ingorsports seamless underwear factory online, you can send the sample picture first, tell us your general target price, we will feedback your requirements to the designer, and we will judge you frequently. This sample suit is not suitable for our processing. Then send samples over, or come to our seamless underwear factory to visit and negotiate!

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