Seamless underwear processing is only based on a picture, why can't the underwear factory make a quotation?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-19
Underwear factories that do e-commerce often encounter such a situation. After many seamless underwear processing customers find the manufacturer on the Internet, after a brief consultation, they send two product pictures and ask the underwear manufacturer to quote, but the underwear manufacturer does not know what the requirements are. In this case, it is impossible to give you a quotation with only two pictures, so why?

In the previous article, the online quotation of seamless underwear processing should be understood clearly. Among these 7 points, ingorsports underwear factory also outlined in detail which factors are mainly related to the processing price of seamless underwear. It is impossible to quote you an accurate price. Even if you are quoted, it is still a roughly estimated price.

With the full rollout of the e-commerce network of ingorsports underwear factory, many customers can find a lot of underwear factories for comparison without leaving their homes. Usually, after customers find a few underwear factories for comparison, they will send one or two pictures after a simple consultation. Underwear manufacturers offer quotations. Some underwear manufacturers who have just touched the Internet will be very excited and ask designers to calculate the price with pictures. In fact, if you have more contact with such customers, you will find a commonality. They usually know nothing about seamless inner processing. Looking for underwear manufacturers on the Internet is just asking for quotations and comparing prices. Maybe which one is cheaper to find, it is not clear at all that it is truly seamless. Underwear processing, the exact price is related to what factors.

1. It is difficult to determine the material of the seamless underwear that is processed by the sample pictures alone. For example, there are dozens of materials and yarns for underwear processing in Guangzhou ingorsports seamless underwear factory. Common nylon, spandex, modal, polyester, AB yarn, wood pulp cotton, combed cotton, wrapped yarn, bamboo charcoal, bamboo fiber , lace, cold silk, etc., and some will be mixed with different materials according to a certain proportion. Different materials, the price of processing seamless underwear will naturally be different.

2. It is difficult to determine the weaving time of the seamless underwear processed by the sample pictures alone. A big difference between seamless underwear processing and traditional underwear processing is the difference in production and processing technology. The seamless knitting process is directly woven into finished garments from yarn through a machine. Therefore, the processing price of seamless underwear will be determined by the underwear factory according to the processing time. , it is difficult to calculate the processing fee.

3. It is difficult to determine the price of the accessories of the processed seamless underwear based on the sample pictures. For example, the chest pads used in seamless knitted sports bras. Currently, the price of chest pads on the market ranges from a few cents to a few dollars. For example, the zippers used in some seamless knitted garments also cost a few cents or even a few cents. The plastic head zipper of money, there are also zippers of five or six pieces that are commonly used in ingorsports, which can be used 5,000 times without damage. Then the price is very different, so it is difficult to determine the price of the processed seamless underwear based on the sample pictures.

4. It is difficult to determine the details of the seamless underwear processed by the sample pictures alone. In the current market competition is so fierce today, everyone is saying that success or failure. Then the details of the workmanship of seamless underwear also directly affect whether it is easy to sell in the market in the future. These details of workmanship also directly affect the processing efficiency of underwear factories. Different structures have different practices, and the number of products completed per unit time is not the same. It directly affects the production efficiency of underwear factory workers, and the natural labor costs are also different, so the price of the entire seamless underwear processing is also different.

5. There are also some factors that affect the quotation of seamless underwear, such as the production quantity. For example, dyeing, single-color single-yard quantity, which directly affects the entire seamless underwear processing quotation, such as scrap loss rate, packaging requirements, etc.

So, how credible do you have to quote based on the sample pictures? Guangzhou ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years. If you find ingorsports and want to cooperate with ingorsports underwear factory, how can you get a quotation?

Usually, we ingorsports will try our best to introduce the underwear factory to the customer when communicating with the customer online. For the product picture sent by the customer, we will give the reference price of the similar products we have made, ask the customer for the target price, and let Customers send samples, or explain the requirements, product materials, workmanship requirements, etc. one by one. Of course, there is no explanation. Our ingorsports designers can also design styles based on samples or videos. Therefore, the most accurate quotation for seamless underwear processing is that after the proofing is confirmed, the underwear factory will definitely give you a more reasonable and accurate price.

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